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Pictures by the immensely talented Lucy Stendall.



Aisling looks like a catwalk model.  But don’t let that put you off, she’s also very clumsy.  We say that to make ourselves feel better because she lives in a cottage straight out of Home and Garden, bakes mouthwatering cakes and can drape a scarf like no other (as the resident AOW Style Guru).  She also writes ridiculously eloquently, tells a story until you are in pain from laughing, has the right advice whatever the crisis, always has your back and would, without question rescue you from a fire (and still emerge looking stylish).  She’s the kind of person you wish you could have sleepovers with every week, but you know her husband might mind, so you don’t ask.  But that is the only reason you don’t ask. In addition to all this wondrousness, Aisling’s real talent is her ability to make words become images in your mind. And they are images that once there, will stay forever.

She got married to Phil in June 2010, in one of the most popular weddings on the UK blogosphere EVER, customising a vintage dress (as you do) and standing IN A STREAM.  In her back garden.  Mere hours after single-handedly delivering four baby kittens.  We aren’t in awe, at all.  They had baby Stella in February 2013 who is the centre of their world.


Anna has a natural pout to rival that of every Restalyn-injected footballers girlfriend. Her standard expression is Vogue-meets-unnervingly-analytical, which comes in handy in her job (which she refuses to tell ANYONE about, ahem). As does her mild OCD… She’s wise and knowledgeable and generous and patient beyond her years and when you become her friend you know in your bones that she will be the one you call on in your of need, whenever that might be. And that she will never let you down.She is passionate about life. About Mr K and their families, about her friends and her job. About cupcakes, reading, lasagne, the REAL London, rambling butterscotch roses and cats that have lived their 9 lives. About make-up that calls to her from the halls of Selfridges, about batshit crazy forms of tortutous ‘exercise’, about excellent shoes and the rights of women. And men and children. Her passion makes others passionate and it is this that so.very.wonderful about her. As well as every other thing about her.

Anna married Mr K in June of 2009. She was a knockout beauty, a classic bride and you’ll never see elegance more personified. Mr K was a bit of alright, too! There were owls and rich red roses, cupcakes and mirrored stairways and Anna, barefoot in her wedding dress, running through a fountain. As one does.  They had baby Ellie, owner of the world’s chubbiest cheeks, in January 2014.


And finally…

Even though Clare no longer writes for AOW, we must leave her picture and description here.  So many of AOW’s best posts are by Clare, and she is, after all, Our Great Founder (and should therefore have her face etched into a mountain):


Clare is a master of self-deprecation. Don’t let her modesty fool you, she is ridiculously beautiful* (but doesn’t know it), with a cut-glass accent masking the most absurd sense of humour known to man. She’ll sing cheesy, CHEESY songs with you at top volume without being embarrassed. Or in tune. She currently lives in Kuala Lumpur, and mixes a jet-set international lifestyle with a habit of eating breadsticks straight from the packet. Upon meeting her you instantly want to be her best friend, and also borrow her makeup collection. She would drive your getaway car, is completely unshakable and has a gift of telling hilarious stories with a straight face whilst you slide off your chair in fits of laughter. She’s the most courageous woman you’ll ever meet, unless you eat her last packet of Mini Eggs. Then she’s a big wimp.

Clare married Andy in November 2010, in a venue that made Aisling cry it was so beautiful. But the venue paled into insignificance when compared to the bride. The dress, the smile, the cowboy boots worn with the dress, the antique diamond ring…she was a picture. And the picture was completed by A Very Happy Groom. Clare and Andy had their first (gorgeous) baby in December 2011 – Emelia (or Emmi, as she’s better known). Aisling and Anna are surrogate Aunties.

* see above for cast-iron proof of Clare’s looks.  Upon meeting her, I (Anna) immediately wanted to get a facelift.


Hello! We're Clare, Aisling and Anna and welcome to a corner of the world where smart, flawed, real women talk about the bigger picture; about their experiences, stories and opinions on all aspects of being a woman today, from marriage to feminism to pretty, too.

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