“Honest, real, and unafraid to talk about what other bloggers shy away from”

(Reader, Any Other Survey, November 2011)

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Any Other Woman is a blog with a clear aim: to bring together a wide range of smart, sane women to discuss, debate and support each other in issues that matter.  To facilitate this, we post eight high-quality posts per week covering a range of issues, from marriage to feminism to politics and media, to the range of challenges faced by women in their lives. Topics tackled by AOW in the past have included marriage, divorce, health, infidelity, work, reading, writing, self-improvement, motherhood and parenting, family, weddings, fashion and much more.

The AOW community debate, discuss and challenge each other daily.  There’s a real community feel and readers stick around because they love what we do.  Currently, there is no other blog out there that does what we do; mixes weddings and marriage with discussion about tough issues facing women today.

Any Other Woman was voted one of the UK’s Top 5 Wedding Blogs in Elle Magazine (February 2011) and voted Best Emotional Blog in Brides Magazine (January 2012).

As a potential sponsor, we want you to know exactly who we could give you access to, and we want our readers to know who you are.  We’re not interested in faceless promotion of products.  For further information on our advertising packages, please email sponsorship@anyotherwoman.com.

“The brides who book me through Any Other Woman are the sort of women I want to be friends with. Thoughtful, genuine and true to themselves. No wonder their weddings are a slice of awesome pie. 

As someone who has read AOW from the very first post, it means a lot to be able to be a sponsor. The fact I get to work with women who share a love for what AOW stands for is pretty exciting. From the first time an AOW reader makes an enquiry, there’s an inbuilt rapport because we are both part of the same community.  

My first AOW bride wore peach. That says it all, I think.”

(Lucy Stendall Photography Sponsor and all round wonderful person)


Hello! We're Clare, Aisling and Anna and welcome to a corner of the world where smart, flawed, real women talk about the bigger picture; about their experiences, stories and opinions on all aspects of being a woman today, from marriage to feminism to pretty, too.

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