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Our Any Other Wedding Book Store is here, incorporating the best from our Books That Made Me Me and Book Club series. Onto the blogs we love!: Weddings & Marriage… A Practical Wedding Bridal Musings Love Your Way Offbeat Bride The Olive Dragonfly    Life… A Cup of Jo A Safe Mooring Florence Finds Girls Gone Child Joy Unexpected Nothing But [...]

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Real Married: Losing Weight for a Wedding

Before we kick off with Esme, who is back with more words of wisdom…let me introduce something exciting for all us bookworms.  It’s the AOW Book Store!  In our Book Store (which you can access on the right-hand side of the page), we’ve added every single book we three or you, our readers, have recommended through our Books That [...]

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The Friend That Made Me, Me – Penny

I get a lot of emails from people who love the “made me, me” series.  Whether it be books, or friends, these series shed light on what makes members of the AOW community who they are, on their stories and histories.   Penny‘s written for us before, writing that makes you want to break out [...]

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The Books That Made Me Me – Laura

 Laura is far too awesome to be even VIRTUAL friends with the likes of us. She’s über-cool, a little bit geeky, oh-so beautiful and too intelligent for actual words. It’s more than an honour that she’s written this for us and we’re in awe of the gorgeous pictures-with-words (much like paint-by-numbers) she has created. Personally, I love [...]

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