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Any Other Woman is here!

Welcome to our new abode, readers! If our blog were a house, then let’s say we’ve done some serious redecorating.  And structural work.   Consider this our housewarming.  Here, have a drink!  Take a muffin.  Sit down, feet up!  And let us tell you all about it. It’s about more than weddings Once upon a time, [...]

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Being A Woman

Happy Monday, readers!  Have you filled in our survey?  It closes tomorrow.  Tell us the whole peach and grey truth.  We’ll listen.  You’ll get a better blog.  Everyone’s a winner! Onwards!  A huge welcome to Being A Woman Week, here on Any Other Wedding.    We had so many thought-provoking, incredible submissions come through recently from [...]

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Desperate Housewives

There is a feeling currently that as women, we should have (and want) it all. That we should all have high-flying careers AND the perfect home lives. Which puts intense pressure on all of us who just can’t live up to this media-led portrayal of the perfect life. And very often that means that women sacrifice the quality [...]

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Any Other Photo {Lucy and Tom}

After this week’s utterly wonderful collection of posts written by intelligent, passionate and opinionated women, it seemed only right to finish off the week with Any Other Photo from Lucy, another inspirational and passionate woman from our community. Lucy is an extremely talented photographer who is just starting out in the wedding business. (Which, as an [...]

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Hello! We're Clare, Aisling and Anna and welcome to a corner of the world where smart, flawed, real women talk about the bigger picture; about their experiences, stories and opinions on all aspects of being a woman today, from marriage to feminism to pretty, too.

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