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The Motherhood Equation

It  won’t have escaped any of us that the older we get, the more of our peers wants to start families.  It tends to hit in the late twenties/early thirties bracket.  Your friends start trying.  Some succeed.  Others don’t.  Some conceive without meaning to.   The story is different for everyone.  The feelings less so.  There [...]

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The Pill.

Today we have a post that’s a little bit different, and if I’m honest, it’s an absolute belter.  Katie , who has a huge passion for science, and who writes the brilliant blog A Is For Aspirin has written about the Pill, explaining in an accessible and hilarious way about exactly how it works.  I [...]

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When the little things matter

When we ran Susie’s post a couple of weeks ago, so many of you agreed in the comments that you felt pressured by (other) blogs into having a perfectly styled day full of details and prettiness, when that’s just not you. But what if it IS you? What if details are important to you?  What [...]

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I really want to write something profound in the introduction to this piece.  I also wanted to call it something witty (but as we all know, that would involve me stealing Tom’s words).  We know Tom isn’t a grunting Neanderthal, so when a post on feminism dropped into my inbox I knew it would be [...]

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Picture Perfect

One of the reasons that I started AOW way back when, was that I was completely overwhelmed by all of the wedding blogs out there. I’d been addicted to the ones with photo upon photo of beautiful brides and handsome grooms, that told me that our wedding needed to have mason jars full of wild [...]

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Dear London

January 2012 Dear London   I remember the first time I ever saw you.  I was ten, and on a coach with my Gran.  Nose pressed to the window, motorway became houses became sights and sounds and smells.  “Look”, she said, “that’s Speaker’s Corner”.  We went to Hamley’s and spent a deliriously happy afternoon looking [...]

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Move Over, Edward Cullen…

…I have a new inappropriate teen-fiction crush. His name is Peeta Mellark and he’s the hero in the astonishingly fantastic trilogy ‘The Hunger Games’. And then there’s our heroine and undeniable star of the show, Katniss. She’s so wickedly awesome you’ll want to learn how to skin a rabbit just so you can be more like her. In [...]

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On wanting it all: The Kids Versus Career Conundrum

Good morning, readers.  Today there will be two thought-provoking posts, on the same issue, from two very different perspectives.  The issue in question is one that affects many of us; it’s the choice of kids or career, work or motherhood, call it what you will.  We’re told that you can have both.  Today we want [...]

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Adventures of a Wedding Belle-My Wedlife Crisis

Firstly, may I just say that I freaking LOVE Doctor Who, and as such, our Bella has just further cemented her place in my heart as the best thing ever in the world. Secondly, as I said to Bella after she had e-mailed me her piece, I truly believe that she is getting better and [...]

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How to… Make your own wedding cake

In the Any Other Reader Survey that you all so kindly filled in waaaay back in November, some of you mentioned that you’d like more posts by menfolk. Well lovely readers, your wish is our command. There’s not much more I can say about this post, except that, it’s Tom (yes, THAT Tom, of Tom and Esme [...]

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