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Weekend Wonderings

This is a video that shows as much about the person watching it as it does about those on camera. 20 strangers were asked to kiss for the first time.  The result is awkward, glorious and heartwarming, all at the same time. It shows that all human need to break the ice is physical contact [...]

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{IWD2014} Find What You Love

By Anna K Love freely.  Find the good in others. Tell them what you find.  Leave people feeling a little taller than when you found them.  People will remember you if you make them recognise the good in themselves. Don’t fear failure.  It will come, and it will feel like the world has ended, and [...]

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Welcome to International Women’s Day 2014!

Welcome, readers!  welcome to you all, to the very best day in the AOW calendar, International Women’s Day. In the past, we have invited incredible submissions from you all,and you wrote about choices, about change, about being a woman. This year, we’re doing something a little different.  We asked you to send us your advice. [...]

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Aloof AOW and Friendship

Last Wednesday, Clare announced she was leaving the blog.  You left some beautiful comments for her. She was moved.  Although, she’s Clare, so she’d never admit it. Anna: Gah. The comments on your post today, C.  WEEPING. Clare: I know! Aisling: So bloody lovely. [five minutes later] Clare: I guess the comments are ok.  They’re [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

***A quick announcement, readers!  Next week it’s International Women’s Day 2014, and we have a tradition of  a day of posts galore.  This year, we’re going to do something a little different. Our question to you is – what advice would you give the next generation of AOWers, on being a woman?     Email [...]

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The Shameful Secret of Crisis Pregnancy Centres

Sometimes a story breaks in the UK that doesn’t get a fraction of the coverage it deserves.  This, to me is one of those stories. Whatever your view on abortion, there is no doubt that the vast majority of women who seek them are vulnerable, in need of unbiased medical advice and, often, emotional support. [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

When you’re up at insane times in the night with a one-month-old, you have a lot of time to read.  My brain can’t handle a whole book yet (concentration is hijacked by thoughts such as “is she still breathing?“, “where is the nearest carbohydrate?” and “will I ever be able to finish a cup of [...]

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Having Ellie

When you think about giving birth, there’s a certain expectation.  You go into labour.  It’s going to hurt.  At the end, you have a baby. I’d spent most of my pregnancy not really thinking about the labour part, and trying to focus on the having-a-baby part.  It’s my wedding-marriage analogy; labour and a wedding lasts only a [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

I’m having some neighbours over for a Christmas party this afternoon.  Obviously, the most important part of a Christmas party is the menu. Mulled Wine I’m going with Delia’s recipe.    I like’d the sound of Jamie’s, but then Jamie ruined it by asking me to make a syrup.  Sod off, Jamie.  Mulled wine should [...]

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Dear Father Christmas

This post was inspired by A Safe Mooring’s beautiful post which is far more heartfelt and stylish than I can ever aspire to be – let’s face it, I wouldn’t know a lumberjack-meets-librarian if one punched me in the face). December 2013 Dear Father Christmas, This Christmas, I would really like the following things. I’m 34 [...]

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