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The centre cannot hold

There are some lines that get into my blood and under my skin as soon as I read them.  I think of them at particular points in my life.  “The centre cannot hold”, I think, when I recognise that I’m getting close to breaking point.  It sort of comes to me, over and over, starting [...]

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The unexpected

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I’m sorry we’ve been gone so long.  We fell out of love with blogging, and raising tiny humans was all-encompassing, and and and… But I don’t think either of us ever fell out of love with writing.  And we know many of you miss the space that this [...]

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Well.  Apparently, when you work and have a baby, the only spare time you do have is spent on the sofa, staring at a wall, after the baby has gone to bed. Who knew? Thank you, Aisling, for captaining the Good Ship AOW these past few weeks. ***** In some ways, going back to work [...]

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The Breastfeeding Evangelists

Firstly, I want to apologise to any readers out there who literally couldn’t give two hoots (ha!) about breastfeeding.  I’m sorry.  Since having Ellie I’ve tried quite hard to write about a variety of things that aren’t all baby-related, and for the most part, I’ve succeeded. But breastfeeding?  It is a minefield.  It really is.  [...]

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Any Other Photo – Five Years Married {Anna and Mr K}

I’d just asked my friend’s fiancé to describe her in three words (I’ll tell you all why in another post). He told me.  “Beautiful.  Familiar. Extraordinary” I pretty much died of romance. When Mr K came home from work, I told him about it. “’Familiar?’  That’s a word you’d use to describe your local Tesco’s”. [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Having just got back from a month in The Big Apple, it’s only appropriate that my first Weekend Wonderings is about just that…New York. Humans Of New York has fast become one of my favourite things to read.  Snapshots of people on the streets of New York, and a quote or short story about them, [...]

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Overheard in New York City

We’ve just come back from a month in New York.  I still can’t believe we’ve been and gone.  It all happened so fast.  One day I said it’s not fair that they’re taking you away from Ellie for a month when she’s so small.  The next day I said yes, yes I’d like to go [...]

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The luxury of guilt

Last year, my future was divided up in my head, into “before baby” and “after baby”. “Before baby” was filled with Things To Do.  Get the builders in to do the bathroom.  Work out how the hell a breast pump works (not on the same day).   Assemble bouncy chair, waving a screwdriver victoriously aloft.   Make [...]

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Being Kind

When I was giving birth to Ellie, my midwife was Jenny. Jenny was no-nonsense and very practical, and had steely eyes and gentle hands.  Faced with my very vocal conviction that I could, simply, not give birth anymore and I’d appreciate it if she’d cancel all proceedings (a polite way of saying I was hanging [...]

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The first six weeks of motherhood: a survival guide

I use the term “survival guide” loosely.  It’s not like I’ve been surviving a winter in Syria.  But lots of people have asked me for any hints and tips I have on coping with the first six weeks with a baby.  This is what helped me, and what I learned. Disclaimer – This is about [...]

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