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In an ideal world…

We got married two weeks after I turned 23, 4 years ago tomorrow. We had romantic notions of my being pregnant at our wedding, either announcing the wonderful news to our nearest and dearest there that day or even having a big old bump in the photos to show our son or daughter when they [...]

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Thing I feel Like A Knobber for Complaining About*

*But I’m going to anyway SELFIE LOL PREGGO INSPO Easy with the hypocrisy, Alsopp. I will admit to using ‘LOL’ – mainly (actually, only) in Whatsapp conversations with Rach because holy crap she really DOES make me laugh out loud approximately 84890 times a week and typing out ‘good grief you are so funny I just [...]

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{IWD2014} Rise

By Aisling Think. Think before you speak, before you do, before you commit. Think about how you yourself would feel, on the receiving end of those words, that action, that promise. Treat those around you with the respect and consideration I hope they will give to you. Be the bigger person. Don’t fight for the last [...]

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Welcome to International Women’s Day 2014!

Welcome, readers!  welcome to you all, to the very best day in the AOW calendar, International Women’s Day. In the past, we have invited incredible submissions from you all,and you wrote about choices, about change, about being a woman. This year, we’re doing something a little different.  We asked you to send us your advice. [...]

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Aloof AOW and Friendship

Last Wednesday, Clare announced she was leaving the blog.  You left some beautiful comments for her. She was moved.  Although, she’s Clare, so she’d never admit it. Anna: Gah. The comments on your post today, C.  WEEPING. Clare: I know! Aisling: So bloody lovely. [five minutes later] Clare: I guess the comments are ok.  They’re [...]

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A New Year

7 am, 1st January 2014. New year, new start, new adventures, new – MOTHER OF GOD, OW. There I was, lounging in bed with Stella, playing a happy if slightly exuberant game of ‘Where’s your nose?’ (THERE IT IS! BOOP!) when ohmigodmyeyeImblindmyeyeohmigodHELPME. Either it was a genuine accident or she’s inherited her dad’s fierce competitiveness. [...]

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Dear 2013…

2013, you’ve been pretty bloody amazing, I have to say. If you were a person your hair would be shiny, you’d be wearing great shoes, you wouldn’t get splashed by vans driving through muddy puddle water OR get sunburn. Congratulations on your awesomeness.  2013, you gave me so much. A lot of it I had to work for, I’m not [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

It’s December tomorrow, folks. I’m officially Christmassing up. I’m making a Yule log for the first time this year. And by that, I mean Phil is making a Yule Log and I’m going to decorate it because I can’t be trusted to do complicated baking without turning the kitchen into an apocolyptic-icing-sugar-wasteland. I am good [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Cake. Cake cake cake. This recipe for Grapefruit Sandwich Cake is by the lovely Beca from Great British Bake Off. I’m incredibly sad that she’s gone, I’ve spent this week very confused about where my loyalties now lie. I loved Ruby to start with yet now I want to bop her on the head with [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Readers, I do not apologise for today’s post. If it makes you sad, or cry, or think.too.much, I apologise for that. But I cannot apologise for telling Jennie’s story here on the AOW pages, in fact, I should have done it sooner. Jennie is a marvel. A wonder. A beautiful person to whom the worst [...]

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