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Self assurance and self doubt

When Emma sent us this post she prefaced it by saying ‘I am only 20 and am a mere music student so my writing skills are minimal’. Well let me tell you, she might only be 20, but her writing skills are bloody brilliant, and the issues she talks about here are something I think [...]

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Casual Racism

When Mahj sent this submisison to us, Clare and I threw emails back and forth fiercely exclaiming, ‘OH MY GOD.’  ‘it’s too amazing’ and ‘I can’t believe we get to run this’… and I’m still completely in awe of the fact that we do. This is an intensely personal piece of writing from the heavenly [...]

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Money and Career: The Division of Finances

Today on AOW we’re talking money, an emotive subject that people often feel awkward discussing. We want to explore the relationship that women have with money, and to look at practical ways to improve our financial affairs. Over the coming months there’ll be a series of posts covering everything from the emotional impact of money, [...]

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The Feminist Housewife

Today we’re delighted to bring you a piece from Samantha – stay at home mum, blogger, business woman and all-round clever sausage. She regularly writes of things affecting women – whether it be political, emotional or practical – and whatever her subject she writes with understanding, grace and humour.  Below she talks about her choices [...]

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Money, Money, Money

If my blogger life were a play, there’d be a crescendo of euphoric music right now, and I’d be shaking in the wings, ready to make my debut performance.  Rehearsals? I’ve had a few (understudy performances in which I played the bride, the irritable old lady and even the fighter spring to mind). Today I’m taking [...]

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Simplified Science: Anxiety

We had such a brilliant response to Katie’s last post on the pill that it was inevitable that we asked her back for more. She manages to take something which could be boring, or at least too technical for those of us with no science background, and make it truly accessible, and what’s more really, [...]

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