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Just Married: Kristelle and Dan

You know we love a wedding story here at AOW Towers. What can be better than a tale of love with a happy ending? Well, one with just the right amount of drama, of course! Throw in a farcical member of the clergy and I’m sold. Hook, link and sinker. A big thank you to [...]

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How to exhale – Mahj

Mahj emailed me months ago.  Can I post on my anniversary?  Can I?  Of COURSE you can.  The lady  who kisses like he’d returned from war gets an annversary slot.  We’re reasonable, like that.     Mahj has written something which in her own words is “reflective and a bit Mahj-like” .  All I know is that it’s so very honest, and so [...]

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Just Married Part 3: Sarah M

Here is the final part of Sarah M’s wedding story.  You all loved her swearing-fit in the run-up, and her vivid description of the day prior to the ceremony.  Warning readers; this is sheer, unapologetic happiness with which to start your Thursday morning.  It’s perfect, funny, eloquent and wise.  For more from Sarah, follow her [...]

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Just Married Part 2: Sarah M

You loved Sarah’s take on the run-up to her wedding day; it was strong, and funny, and wise.  This part of her report covers the morning preparations, the family moments, the anticipation.  It’s got the pretty yes, but it’s got what’s behind the pretty, and Sarah tells it so well.  And the photography by Murakami Photography?  [...]

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Just Married Part One: Sarah M

This is a wedding story by Sarah M.  The only glimpse we’ve seen so far of  her beautiful wedding is her Any Other Photo.  I’ve been chomping at the bit to read more; and readers, it’s worth the wait.  Sarah writes perceptively, with humour and grace.  Hers is a story of strength.  And a lot [...]

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Our Words – Bex

I have always been fascinated by humanist ceremonies.  And you know what?  I almost wish I’d had one. This post by Bex of The Olive Dragonfly will have you all grinning.  I know it will, because the joy in Bex’s writing is infectious.  The photographs won’t hurt either (look at that last one!  House wallpaper-worthy [...]

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When the little things matter

When we ran Susie’s post a couple of weeks ago, so many of you agreed in the comments that you felt pressured by (other) blogs into having a perfectly styled day full of details and prettiness, when that’s just not you. But what if it IS you? What if details are important to you?  What [...]

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A City Girl’s Country Wedding – Part 2

Happy Tuesday, readers!  Anna here. I admit, sometimes I get wedding-overload.  Weddingitis.  And we don’t even write about weddings that often; we tackle every subject from feminism to politics to pretty.  But it’s this kind of post that makes me realise the point.  What a wedding represents.  How you feel during the day, about what [...]

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A City Girl’s Country Wedding – Part 1

I wanted to call this “Battle Without Honour or Humanity…Part 1″.  I know this badass scene in Kill Bill isn’t exactly the most appropriate sub-title for a post about a wedding; especially one as filled with beauty and grace as Alanah and Robert’s.  But there’s something in it.  I love that it was playing through [...]

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Real Married: The Ceremony

Happy Monday, readers!  We adore Esme and Tom (we may have mentioned this before). They are just setting off into the vast, unexplored plains of marriage together…and we couldn’t be happier for them.  Bella does a fantastic job as our “real bride“.  But there’s another angle, isn’t there?  It’s not just about the planning, the [...]

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