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Like exams and Christmas…just with more make-up and cherubs

This is Rach M’s wedding report. It is, as you would expect, fabulous, honest, and hilarious, all rolled into one brilliant wedding report. I’m not going to add any more than that because Rach has done such a good job herself, but I do just quickly want to say how much I love that AOW [...]

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Not a fairytale/Real is awesome

Katy’s post has bought back vivid memories for me – her description of walking up the aisle and feeling so present is, for me, spot on. No haze, no twinkly harp music in  my head, no blissful ignorance of the mild agony my feet were in…just a crystal clear sense of being THERE. Seeing people, [...]

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Amy and James ~ The Wedstival Part One

A midweek treat for you, dear readers. We know you love the nitty gritty, the details, the all-about-the-love-ness that our wedding reports exude. We know you love each other. And we know that you all love Amy, James, Bertie and their delectable Wedstival extravaganza…   Today is a Good Day.    I woke up at [...]

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Confessions of An Imperfect Bride ~ Part Three

It’s the final installment of the world’s most loo-oriented wedding report from our favourite Science Lady, Katie. If you haven’t already, catch up on the wonderful tale here. There are, of course, more toilet-based anecdotes in Part Three. It wouldn’t be Katie if there weren’t, no? But there is also sheer beauty, searing honesty and [...]

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Confessions of an Imperfect Bride ~ Part Two

Part One of Katie’s WONDERFUL wedding report can be found here. Though, it has to be said, this part is more than capable of standing on it’s own with it’s hilarious, charming, romantic and adorable moments. Read on, and be prepared to spend all day grinning like Katie in her post-wed amazement… The morning of [...]

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Confessions of an Imperfect Bride

So many of you know and love Katie. She of Simplified Science and World’s Most Beautiful Smile fame. I loved Katie anyway, she’s pretty awesome. And then I read this. A wedding report with a whole paragraph on bum-clenching. A wedding report that says, ‘hey, it’s ok’. Everything is ok.’ A wedding report written with [...]

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When Penny Married Sam

Penny has been an integral part of the AOW community since the very early days, and we are honoured to bring you her take on her wedding day.  There’s never been another wedding even close to this one, for so many reasons.  I don’t think any of us will ever see photographs like this again.  [...]

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The One You’ve All Been Waiting For.

It’s here! It’s here! It’s heeerrrrreeeee! We have got a treat for you this fine January morning, readers. No more ‘humbug, it’s not Christmas anymore, do I HAVE to take my tree down?!’ around here, no Siree. (By the way, YES. You do have to take your tree down. Come on, now.) Anyway, where was [...]

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Owls, Vows and Cupcakes: A K Wedding

Disclaimer: I wrote this report three and a half years ago, and I’ve changed very little of it.  Some things change, some things don’t.  It’s strange, to read this now.  I feel a bit vulnerable, like I’ve moved on from my wedding, and I’m well into the marriage part…which, after all,was the whole point.  But [...]

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A Wedding By Any Other Name – Sarah and Lea

Brace yourselves, readers, for today we have an absolute corker of a wedding story for you. Not only is it our very first feature of images by the very lovely and super talented Eliza Claire but it’s also the first lesbian wedding we’ve showcased (where are you all hiding? Send us in your pictures, you know [...]

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