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Hidden Gems: London

***Pssst, readers!  Come back at 10am for a rather marvellous giveaway!***   Welcome back, readers!  I hope you’ve had fun exploring the new site – I still get ridiculously excited whenever I log on.  The colours!  The design!  Our little blog isn’t so little any more, Toto! Today I want to tell you about our [...]

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Dear London

January 2012 Dear London   I remember the first time I ever saw you.  I was ten, and on a coach with my Gran.  Nose pressed to the window, motorway became houses became sights and sounds and smells.  “Look”, she said, “that’s Speaker’s Corner”.  We went to Hamley’s and spent a deliriously happy afternoon looking [...]

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Pick your battles.

This Christmas I was in Prague with my family.It’s a strange tradition.  I studied languages at University, and refused to come home for Christmas, so my family came to visit me. I wanted to show them what I had made of my life and in Lyon, that glorious understated city where the Rhone meets the Saône, [...]

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Doing what you love.

When I was 16, I had this quote scrawled on my wall – fais ce que tu aimes, aime ce que tu fais, et le monde t’appartiendra.  If sounds much better in French but basically means, “do what you love, love what you do and the world will be yours”.  I believed it then and [...]

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Take the leap

I‘ve now been in KL for just over two months. It’s been a crazy time. In those two months, I’ve house hunted, friend hunted, car hunted and doctor hunted amongst other things, all whilst growing a baby. In a new country. In 35 degree heat.Which sounds like I’m complaining. But actually I’m really really not. [...]

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Single and 30: the real story

This afternoon I am beside myself with excitement to bring you a post from Catherine, one of my best friends, co-conspirator, my fellow Fanta Lemon addict; politics junkie; and would-be war correspondent.  Obscure West Wing reference here: she’d be my Chief of Staff, no questions asked.  Catherine talks about the assumptions and expectations people make [...]

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Looking back and looking forward

This Sunday just gone was our one year anniversary. I have now been a married woman, a wife, for one whole year and three days.  That’s 368 days. I’d like to say 368 utterly wonderful days, but I’ve spent 258 of those days being pregnant, and therefore a large proportion of those days has been spent either [...]

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This is not a rom-com {Part two}

Following Katie’s post earlier this week where we left you completely on tenterhooks we decided that we just couldn’t make you all wait any longer than a couple of days for the second part, so, you lucky people, here it is. Just like in the first part Katie writes completely unabashedly about how it wasn’t [...]

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How to…mooch around Ireland

Two things are essential in order to effectively mooch around my homeland. A well stocked handbag and a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband who is not only ready and willing to drive 1500 miles in a week but is REALLY VERY EXCITED to do so. As well as yawnsome stuff like passports (not essential for travelling to Ireland but helpful [...]

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This is not a rom-com {Part One}

When Katie originally sent in this piece, she wrote in her email that ‘ I should say that this wasn’t the end’ and so I (obviously) went straight back and asked her to write the next part of the story for us. Which she ever so kindly did. So this is the first of a two [...]

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