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Girls will be boys will be girls will be….

It seems that International Women’s Day this year got us all pumped up.  We’ve had several submissions since IWD from you that show how important you feel raising awareness of the inequality that exists still is. In a world where asking for help in a toy shop will can elicit the response ‘are you looking [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

After yesterday’s sheer bloody amazingness (seriously, Anna, Aisling and I just kept messaging one-another with wilder and wilder adjectives to describe how damn great it was), we thought it only right to carry on celebrating and fighting for women everywhere, into the weekend. Cue The Women’s Room. I only discovered them yesterday, but I love [...]

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‘I have no idea what the title of this piece should be’, said Rachel, when she submitted it to us. And for the longest time, neither did I. Two subjects, not connected but intricately joined, irrelevant to each other on the surface but linked since the very beginning of things. Then I realised. The passion [...]

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Self-esteem and mortgage advisors

Morning, readers.  Welcome to the week before Christmas.  We’re kicking off with a belter today from Katie, aka Katielase, she of the brilliant Simplified Science posts, she who I met last week and entirely forgotten I’d never met before as she’s so warm and authentic and funny and has not an atom of pretence in her [...]

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Second Chances

I love this post by Amy, the genius behind Field & Fallow.  I  love its eloquent anger.  Anger at how it’s become acceptable that  violence against women just happens, and how it’s become at worst celebrated, at best ignored, in popular culture.  And it’s not just the Daily Mail in on the act.  It’s women, [...]

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AOW A-Z Of Getting Married – M is for Mrs

The AOW A-Z of Getting Married is a resource for brides (and grooms) to be.  It’s a welcome piece of sanity in an industry-saturated world where people are bombarded with what weddings they should have, what they should act like, and how a bride should feel.  Created by the team behind Any Other Woman, this A-Z is the first collaboration [...]

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Casual Racism

When Mahj sent this submisison to us, Clare and I threw emails back and forth fiercely exclaiming, ‘OH MY GOD.’  ‘it’s too amazing’ and ‘I can’t believe we get to run this’… and I’m still completely in awe of the fact that we do. This is an intensely personal piece of writing from the heavenly [...]

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The truth about ‘Having it all’

Today we are back with the wonderful Esme’s mum (or Julie if you prefer), who is giving us her take on being a working mother. It might be an uncomfortable post to read for some, and some of you may disagree, and believe that we CAN have it all. I have to say though, I [...]

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I have a few  soap box issues, it’s true.  Society’s asinine expectations about what women are supposed to look like is one of them (I have ranted about being naked and about body hair to name but a few).  So when this post by regular reader Katielase (who would be intimidating if she wasn’t so bloody [...]

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Drawing the bikini line

Before  sitting down to pen this post, I went through the Four Stages of Post Denial that I ALWAYS go through whenever I’m about to discuss a subject that, shock horror, has been talked about somewhere else on the Internet, previously.    “Oh no, it’s been done before, it’s been done better, readers will be [...]

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