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The Motherhood Equation

It  won’t have escaped any of us that the older we get, the more of our peers wants to start families.  It tends to hit in the late twenties/early thirties bracket.  Your friends start trying.  Some succeed.  Others don’t.  Some conceive without meaning to.   The story is different for everyone.  The feelings less so.  There [...]

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Countdown to the 2nd Any Other Party

Last year we threw a party. Not just any party but an Any Other Party. And it was good. In fact, it was better than good, it was bloody brilliant and I want to share my recollection of it with you. Yep, I’m good to you. Like most of the people who attended, I’d not met [...]

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I really want to write something profound in the introduction to this piece.  I also wanted to call it something witty (but as we all know, that would involve me stealing Tom’s words).  We know Tom isn’t a grunting Neanderthal, so when a post on feminism dropped into my inbox I knew it would be [...]

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On Divorce

Anna’s ‘Storms of Marriage’ post provoked quite the response from you, our readers. There were those of you who are adamant you’ll never get divorced, those for whom divorce is a practical if unpalatable concept and those who were undecided on how they would react should their relationship get to the point where ‘divorce’ became [...]

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Behind Closed Doors {Infidelity}

At AnyOtherWedding, you can talk about anything. Anything you want at all. Any subject, any time. We are proud to be able to provide that platform for you, it makes our hearts sing. But we do understand that sometimes there are topics that are too sensitive, too divisive, simply too hard  to write about and broadcast without a second [...]

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Piglet asked Pooh, ‘How do you spell love?’

And Pooh replied, ‘You don’t spell it, you feel it.’  Emilia Charlotte Wells Born at 9.54am (MYT) on 3rd December 2011 7lb 10oz Perfect in every way.

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Single and 30: the real story

This afternoon I am beside myself with excitement to bring you a post from Catherine, one of my best friends, co-conspirator, my fellow Fanta Lemon addict; politics junkie; and would-be war correspondent.  Obscure West Wing reference here: she’d be my Chief of Staff, no questions asked.  Catherine talks about the assumptions and expectations people make [...]

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F**king the patriarchy (without f**king over your patriarch…)

*It’s yet another Two Post Tuesday – don’t forget to check out this morning’s post with some amazing input from the AOW community on combining your finances* This post is just the very heart of why Any Other Wedding came about. It absolutely sums up one of the reasons that I created AOW – there [...]

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Mahj’s Wedding

We make no secret of our Mahj-love here on Any Other Wedding.  Unfortunately, Martin got there first, and so much the better because from the glimpse we got from their Any Other Photo, their wedding day was all happiness, love, and a shit-eating grin. Just as it should be. We’re freakishly lucky to have a two-part report from Mahj here [...]

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Eternally single and heading to 30

We heard from Olivia a few weeks back, when she told us about her condition and the pain she deals with every day.  I promised there would be more to tell.  This is Olivia’s story, told straight up, without self-pity or self-aggrandising.  Olivia says at one point here that her spirit is not strong.  Olivia, [...]

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