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Three Years In

Dear Mr K This time three years  ago, I woke up at 6.30am and tiptoed around my hotel room, trying to stay quiet.  “Today I’m getting married” I thought.  I felt a bit sick, and a bit scared, and a lot in love.  Two years into our marriage, I wrote the vows I wish I could [...]

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Emotional Equilibrium

You know how we love to breakdown stereotypes here, especially gender stereotypes, so we were thrilled when Hollie sent in this post. It’s about having differing view points to your husband, and working on coming to a compromise and seeing things from his point of view. It’s about challenging your norms, and stepping outside of [...]

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Equal Love

Anna originally emailed us a little while ago asking us if we’d be interested in a post on this subject, and our answer was something along the lines of ‘hell yes’. It’s something that we’ve covered a few times here, but something that deserves more blog space, and until everything is equal in the world [...]

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Real Married – Five Things That Make Our Marriage Stronger

Readers, this is getting to be a problem.  ”What?” I hear you cry.  That we all want to be Esme and Tom.  Yes, this column is going to make you want to be them.  As if you didn’t already.  Scrabble and pancakes and pie.  Possibly three of my favourite words, all in one post.  In [...]

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Marriage and Money

Wise words here this morning, readers. How do you and your beloved manage your finances? Beyond the initial ‘which bank account?!’ dilemma, there is so much to think about and Courtney has outlined her experiences brilliantly. I’ll hand over to Courtney and we’re looking forward to hearing about how your ’financial house’ is organised…    Wisdom [...]

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Our Words – Bex

I have always been fascinated by humanist ceremonies.  And you know what?  I almost wish I’d had one. This post by Bex of The Olive Dragonfly will have you all grinning.  I know it will, because the joy in Bex’s writing is infectious.  The photographs won’t hurt either (look at that last one!  House wallpaper-worthy [...]

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What’s in a name?

Six days to go until The Great Any Other Relaunch, readers! Get excited. Get very excited…and come back at 1pm for a tip-off and some Pen Do gossip… Susie recently wrote a piece for us that got you all talking. It was beautifully written, completely honest, and, it transpired, summed up how many of you [...]

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On being a step-mother

Readers! It is now exactly seven days to the relaunch. Seven! Get ready to be bowled over because we have some seriously good posts, and some seriously big changes that we just cant wait to share with you. it is so exciting even Emilia just let out a little yelp of excitement. Or it could [...]

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Real Married: Redefining Wife

There’s not much to say to introduce this, except stand on my office chair, punch the air and go “Hell Yes!”.  Esme segues effortlessly from losing weight for her wedding to re-defining what “wife” means, and THAT is why I love her column, her brain, and why I’m so glad she’s writing for us.  Take it [...]

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On Being the Second Wife

It’s now only 3 weeks until the Great Any Other Relaunch and we’re working away behind the scenes to bring you a new and improved AOW. There will be all sorts of amazing on the blog during relaunch week, including a gorgeous hamper of giveaway goodies that one of you lovely lot will be lucky [...]

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