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In an ideal world…

We got married two weeks after I turned 23, 4 years ago tomorrow. We had romantic notions of my being pregnant at our wedding, either announcing the wonderful news to our nearest and dearest there that day or even having a big old bump in the photos to show our son or daughter when they [...]

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A woman’s work is never done

Today, Siobhan talks about the aspects of building a life together that are considered ‘the woman’s job’.  It goes much deeper than the washing up.  I’m alternating between my hackles rising at the thought of me being the more “social” part of my marriage because I’m a woman,  and wondering whether that actually is the [...]

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The Story Of Us {Part 2}

 You can read Part One of Sarah and David’s beautiful story here… 16th December 2006  We go on holiday to New York. I can only describe these five days as magical. We go up the Empire State Building in the day and at night we climb the Rockefeller centre and marvel at how beautiful the [...]

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Behind Closed Doors: Ode to Relate Lady

As of today we will be posting 4 times a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. You know we love receiving your submissions and you all love reading each other’s stories and thoughts so get cracking on the half-finished essay or those bubbling thoughts bottled up in your head. Send them to us. ********************  [...]

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How To Be Married (or The Marriage Preparation Course)

This post by Katy fascinates me.  Mostly because I did absolutely zero preparation for getting married, and so I always feel out-organised by those who did.  And also because although Katy and Dan are Christians, you don’t have to be religious to just think about this stuff, to realise that if you had to break down [...]

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Confessions of An Imperfect Bride ~ Part Three

It’s the final installment of the world’s most loo-oriented wedding report from our favourite Science Lady, Katie. If you haven’t already, catch up on the wonderful tale here. There are, of course, more toilet-based anecdotes in Part Three. It wouldn’t be Katie if there weren’t, no? But there is also sheer beauty, searing honesty and [...]

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The Meaning of Marriage

Four years in, I still find it hard to pin down the point of marriage.  At the time, it felt like the right thing to do, like something that I wanted, and so I said yes.  But, being honest, it’s hard to make clear, in day-to-day terms, what the difference is between being married and being [...]

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On planning a marriage.

What I find *most* brilliant about this post is that Laura wrote this just two weeks before her wedding (which, by the way, has already happened! Expect an AOP very soon). At a time when most people are having wedding nightmares, and panicking about the table plan, Laura wrote this  bloody brilliant piece questioning why [...]

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Just Married: Kristelle and Dan

You know we love a wedding story here at AOW Towers. What can be better than a tale of love with a happy ending? Well, one with just the right amount of drama, of course! Throw in a farcical member of the clergy and I’m sold. Hook, link and sinker. A big thank you to [...]

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Ask AOW: Date Night

Who does it? Does it work? How do you make it work? Is it necessary? I sort of want to leave the post like that, and let the magic that is the sisterhood of AOW fill the comments with their wisdom and experience, but I feel that I should probably write a post consisting of [...]

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