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Who’s That Girl?

Bella wrote this for us before she left to go and take over the world last week. (We miss you already Belmo!) She sent it over with a self-deprecating ‘hope this is ok you guys,’ and Clare and I promptly died a bit and pondered should we interrupt Anna on her Holiday of Wonder to [...]

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A (Single) Mother

Having a baby is life changing. Gaining a baby and losing a husband within the space of less than three months is more than life changing. It’s enough to make some people fall apart. I’m certain I would.  Abby (whose story you can follow at her new blog here) wrote this post for us a [...]

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Christianity, sex, and an approaching marriage

We nearly posted this as V is for Virginity, as part of the AOW A-Z of Getting married, but we decided that this piece was important enough to have its own space, to not be part of a series. It is one of the most honest and personal posts we’ve ever had the honour of [...]

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Notes From KL

It’s not snowing here. I’m pretty sure that it’s unlikely to snow here in the foreseeable future. That means that I am insanely jealous of all of the facebook and twitter pictures of everyone having snowfights and sledging. In retaliation, I shall post pictures of Emmi, playing with the hosepipe taken on the same day [...]

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The Organisation that Made Me Me

We love an unusual take on things here at AOW, and when this ‘friend that made me me’ landed in our inbox, I screeched (fairly loudly) that I would introduce it. Because, you see, it’s about Guiding. Girl Guiding. I’m willing to bet that an awful lot of the AOW community have been involved in [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

‘Our love and support can make all the difference for people who are alone and in need this Christmas.’ As a gift to ourselves and to you this Christmas, we have donated to The Salvation Army. Our donation will ensure that 3 struggling families are provided with nourishing food, simple gifts and the support needed to [...]

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Casual Racism

When Mahj sent this submisison to us, Clare and I threw emails back and forth fiercely exclaiming, ‘OH MY GOD.’  ‘it’s too amazing’ and ‘I can’t believe we get to run this’… and I’m still completely in awe of the fact that we do. This is an intensely personal piece of writing from the heavenly [...]

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Sweet Freedom

This morning, readers, we host our favourite pub-landlady-turned-analytical-chemist Sandra, with her first piece for the blog. One part analytical chemist, one part wise owl and one part funny lady – this post is the very essence of Sange.  It’s a timely reminder to not sweat the small stuff, though written in a way that has [...]

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Jobs For The Girls: Interior Designer

Our ‘Jobs for the Girls’ series isn’t just about how you pay your bills. It’s about the choices you’ve made and the paths your lives have taken. We’ve had women taking the plunge with the support of their partners and also some who’ve done it on their own. Whatever your story, we’d love to hear [...]

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Countdown to the 2nd Any Other Party

Last year we threw a party. Not just any party but an Any Other Party. And it was good. In fact, it was better than good, it was bloody brilliant and I want to share my recollection of it with you. Yep, I’m good to you. Like most of the people who attended, I’d not met [...]

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