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Today’s author is displaying a kind of bravery that I don’t think I, or many people I know, could. The post you are about to read is full of a sweet and secret hope, of worry and wondering and joy. Sadly, so sadly, the author miscarried a week or so after sending this to us. [...]

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It’ll all come together

Lucy is special. She’s thoughtful, kind, stupidly beautiful, incredibly stylish and impossibly hilarious. I, *confession face*, am frequently envious of Lucy and her lovely life – of how ‘together’ she is. And yet. Along comes Lucy with a post that does a blinding job of reminding me that how I perceive someone is quite often [...]

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This post is phenomenal. There, I’ve said it.  I’m so proud that we can post something like this on AOW.   It’s the story of Edith, and the story of feminism, and a story that will make you  think, and be overwhelmed, and realise  how far we’ve come. It’s a post that will make you [...]

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My Way

Happy New Year, readers!  We’ve missed each and every one of you.  We’ve had our Christmas and New Year break, eaten too much, spent time with friends and family, and all three of us are ready for a new year and another year of you lot, your stories, your thoughts, our community.  This post by Siobhan is timely.  [...]

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What you should do

Katy sent this in to us saying ‘I’m sending this in before I get annoyed with myself about how preachy it sounds’. I happen to think it’s the opposite of preachy. I think it’s open minded, positive, and really pretty inspiring. Katy has followed the path that so many of us have – Worked hard [...]

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“That is not a crisis. Typhoon Haiyan is a crisis”

Earlier this week  I found myself having a mild panic.  I had nothing to write about for my post today.  Usually I can eke something wafty out about my life, or about frolicking through the forest on a November morn, but my life has essentially consisted of lying on the sofa, trying to avoid climbing [...]

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Magic is everywhere, apparently

I remember when I’d first moved to London, and I rode the bus to work, the bus from Brixton to Holborn, squashed up on the top deck with all the other commuters, face pressed against the window, not wanting to miss a moment of my new city.  We’d snake our way down the Strand and [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Readers, I do not apologise for today’s post. If it makes you sad, or cry, or think.too.much, I apologise for that. But I cannot apologise for telling Jennie’s story here on the AOW pages, in fact, I should have done it sooner. Jennie is a marvel. A wonder. A beautiful person to whom the worst [...]

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How I Learned To Love Failing

This is an absolute belter of a post from Penny.  And one that is hard to read, and cuts to the truth, and calls out anyone with a shred of the “compulsive overachieving” gene.  Failing is hard.  It’s not something we are taught to relish, or encouraged to do, not ever.  We shy away from [...]

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Home is where the ‘character features’ are?

Ladies and gentlemen – my 10 year old cousin, Dominique… What does the cheese say to itself in the mirror? Halloooooo Miiii! ………. Because HALLOUMI is a cheese. HALLOU and MI. D’you get it? Wait, I’ll get a pen and write it down for you. This kid is my hero. I always thought I loved her like [...]

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