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Any Other Photo {IWD2014}

The insanely fabulous Steff sent Anna and I this not long after our International Women’s Day 2014 extravaganza. We were blown away – not only by her tech skills (types the woman how is defeated by her laptop on a daily basis) but by the thoughtfulness  of the gesture. We both now have this as [...]

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{IWD2014} Glass Ceilings

And so…we are at the end of International Women’s Day 2014 on Any Other Woman.  And what a day it has been.  We have been inspired, excited, moved and humbled by the advice you have given the next generation of AOW readers.  We won’t be the only ones printing this advice out to pass on [...]

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{IWD2014} Beauty Comes In More Than One Shape

By Lynsey I wish someone had told me earlier that fat doesn’t equal ugly. Fat is a descriptor not an insult. Beauty comes in more than one shape. Ignore other people’s beauty standards.

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{IWD2014} Dear Little Daughter

By Katie S (text and image taken directly from Letters Of Note) W.E.B. Du Bois was a man of many achievements. In 1895, he became the first African American to earn a Ph.D at Harvard; he co-founded, in 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; his influential 1903 book on race, The Souls of Black [...]

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{IWD2014} Do something you enjoy

By Katie W ·         Tidy up as you go along. ·         Do not tell lies.  I’ve lied, and been caught out.  It’s resulted in people losing trust in me, and me looking foolish and dishonest.  It has also cost me money. ·         Save for a rainy day. ·         Try to find a career, doing something you enjoy.  It will [...]

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{IWD2014} Enjoy the marathon

By Fran B My advice for the next generation of AOW would be to have the courage to do what you want with your lives. You can achieve anything. It might take a lot of hard work and dedication but you have an incredibly wide array of options of how you want to spend the [...]

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{IWD2014} Decisions

By Sharon Should you choose to have children – how you nourish your baby is up to you. You carried the tiny person for 9 months, you get to decide how to feed them.

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{IWD2014} Never be afraid

By Caroline Never be afraid to be yourself and let someone love you.  No matter what you think about yourself there are people out there who think you are awesome and would walk to hell and back for you. Let them. Don’t question why these people, be they girlfriends or boyfriends, seek you out and [...]

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{IWD2014} Find What You Love

By Anna K Love freely.  Find the good in others. Tell them what you find.  Leave people feeling a little taller than when you found them.  People will remember you if you make them recognise the good in themselves. Don’t fear failure.  It will come, and it will feel like the world has ended, and [...]

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{IWD2014} How far we’ve come…

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