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It’s good to talk

I love a good honest post on AOW. It’s what we’re known for and what we do best, I think. This is one of those posts. Emma sent us this with her own disclaimer, but I don’t think it needs it. It is thought-provoking, and it is interesting. The fact that this condition is so [...]

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Babymaking Science and Feminism: The Science Bit

Katielase (she of brilliant blog The Molecular Circus) wrote us a belter of a post this morning about the importance of understanding why your body does what it does, and that if women knew why it was harder to get pregnant the more they age, then they’d have the power to make better-informed decisions to do with [...]

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Babymaking Science and Feminism: The Ethics Bit

When I first read Katie’s post, I told her it was a) fascinating b) informative c) made me outraged and d) filled me with righteous indignation.  A month later, and it still makes me feel all of these things.  It makes me realise how little I understand the science about my own body, how that [...]

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On Miscarriage

I should warn you all right now – this piece contains graphic descriptions of a miscarriage. We’ve decided to post this though, because if it gives helpful information to just one person who is going through what Laura went through, or even to friends of people going through a miscarriage, then it has been worthwhile.  [...]

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AOW do Race For Life 2013

I’d love to be able to show you pictures of the sensational dinner we had after the race, but every single one of us was too busy ramming our faces with the best burgers, fries and milkshakes (lime milkshake! LIME!) in the whole wide world to take any. A humongous thank you to the brilliant [...]

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We did it. You did it. Seven of us ran and walked and sweated our way around the Race for Life course at Richmond and many,  many more of you made it worth our while with your INCREDIBLE donations. You wonderful, brilliant, amazing people have helped us raise £1067.50 for Cancer Research UK and I [...]

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The first year is definitely not the hardest

I am going to hand you straight over to Bex this morning. It’s not my place to waffle all over her wondrous, brave, honest, beautiful, raw and hopeful post. Happy Anniversary you incredible pair… Thank you to the AOW ladies for letting me write a post on my anniversary again!  Supposedly the first year of [...]

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Cancer, we’re coming to get you – TOMORROW!

Shameless begging is about to commence in 3.2.1…  ANY OTHER WOMEN ARE RUNNING (WALKING!) RACE FOR LIFE! You can find our sponsorship page HERE, absolutely anything that you can give, anything at all, will be appreciated to the moon and back – we are so, so delighted to be raising money for Cancer Research UK [...]

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Being a survivor.

First things first; a little disclaimer: We don’t normally do this, but today we’re posting something that’s already been posted elsewhere. You can see the original piece here. When Anna sent this in, she told us straight away that it had already been posted elsewhere, but after reading it, we knew we wanted to post [...]

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Behind Closed Doors: The NHS

At Any Other Woman, you can talk about anything. Anything you want at all. Any subject, any time. We are proud to be able to provide that platform for you, it makes our hearts sing. But we do understand that sometimes there are topics that are too sensitive, too divisive, simply too hard to write about [...]

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