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The word ‘community’ brings images to my mind of people stood talking over garden fences, children playing in the street together. It suggest to me people who share a common locality. Community though, has become a lot less about locality, in the era of the internet, hasn’t it? It’s become more about common interests, or [...]

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Some Festive Love…

If you’re on Twitter and you read AOW, you probably follow enough of our ridiculously funny, lovely, stupendously awesome readers to have heard of #ShareAdvent by now. If you somehow, magically haven’t #ShareAdvent is the genius ‘makes Christmas BE EVERYWHERE’ brainchild of Anna over at Skin and Blister. (Don’t look like that, it’s cockney rhyming [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Some of you may have seen my super excited tweets when Phil and I purchased the Alice in Wonderland ‘Spineless Classics’ print for Stella’s nursery. For those of you who didn’t and who might still be unaware of the sheer GENIUS of this concept, I thought that the bestest, most far-reachingest way of alerting all [...]

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Calling all Creatives…

I need your help, creative folk of AOW and Twitter and surrounding continents…Bex, Anna, Laura – I’m looking at you, you disgustingly artistic, capable, talented and LOVELY ladies – and anyone else who can translate exactly what is it my crazy, pregnant brain is trying to say. I’ve taken on a wee maternity leave project, you [...]

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The Chop…

It’s safe to say that I am obsessed with this post by the delightful Bex. I’ve been umming and aahing over what to do with my wedding dress for 2 and a half years now – and am still no closer to being brave enough to do anything with it! It’s currently hanging in an [...]

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Doorknobs and Dresses

A busy few weeks for my growing family (current tally: 2 adults, 2 cats, 5 kittens (1 went to live next door – sob) and a rapidly growing baby Stella – don’t mention the husky puppy that Phil is begging for) has left me royally shattered. We have a family wedding this weekend that’s Kind Of [...]

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Chemistry of Baking

We’re delighted to welcome back the awesome Sandra with her latest post. Last time she managed to combine her wise words with her clever science mind to bring us an innovative take on why you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. This time she tackles the science of baking, making baking numpties like me feel so much better [...]

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The Silver Teapot of Glory

Readers, I’m on a quest. A quest like no other. It’s a quest for the Silver Teapot of Glory. Mr M is a keen cricketer and for the past 5 or 6 years on Saturdays throughout the summer, he makes his merry way from our home London to a little village in the leafy environs of Henley [...]

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Weekend Wonderings: Carrot Cake

Weekend wonderings seems to be naturally becoming quite food and drink related…does that say something about where our heads are at the weekend?!  Anyway, this recipe is brilliant. I can categorically state that, having been on the receiving end of the finished article several times in my short time in KL, as it is a [...]

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Life’s little irritations…

Readers. We are nothing if not diverse. This week we’ve covered topics as wide ranging as alcoholism in your family to how to be the best possible best-man, we’ve had way too many pictures of a smushy baby with food all over her face and Anna’s beautiful letter to Mr K on their third wedding anniversary, and [...]

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