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Perfect timing.

Happy Monday, readers. And a happy Monday it is. This is a story that is going to set you up for the week. You will read it, and I guarantee that by the end of it you’ll be smiling. Carly’s story is a story of love, and how timing is everything, but also about how [...]

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The Northern Lights {Part the Second}

It’s been a whole THREE months since we posted The Northern Lights {part 1}, but I’m fairly certain that not one of you who read it can have forgotten the pure wonderfullness (it’s a word) of that post. Well, readers, I have news for you, this one is even better. It’s magical. That’s all I [...]

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Fariytales and Unicorns: I still believe…

Marriage. We’re a blog that ostensibly is ABOUT marriage. We cover a lot of other things too now, but when you strip us down, we’re basically talking about marriage, weddings and relationships in 90% of our posts. So it’s interesting that there’s a growing number of women, of the same demographic as many of us, [...]

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AOW A-Z of Getting Married

AOW started as a wedding blog, and it was really important to all three of us that, when we relaunched as Any Other Woman, we still kept posting about weddings, and creating a sane space for people planning their weddings to come to. So when Laura mentioned in the comments to her post on facing [...]

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The Venue: A Playground for Parents – Rach M

Readers…I have a confession to make.  There has been a scheduling MISHAP (gasp of horror).  No really, there has.  By me.  It’s like the apocalypse happened.  And as a result…you’ve had to wait until today to read the final (unplanned, but hotly requested) installment of Rachel’s engagement story (and I hope it won’t be the last, [...]

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Outpourings of goodwill, advice and a few deep breaths

I’m delighted to bring you the final instalment of Rach M’s engagement story, that’s had you hooked.  Or is it the end?  Due to unprecedented demand on Twitter, Rach has written up the hilarious story of her parents visit to the wedding venue, and we’ll be bringing that to you soon.  First let’s bask in Rachel’s [...]

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View From The Top

It’s now only 2 weeks (that’s 14 DAYS, readers!) until the Great Any Other Relaunch and we’re continuing to work our derrières off behind the scenes to bring you AOW, but even better.  We’ve got some brilliant new ideas for series coming up, that we know you will love, and some exciting new developments that we are bursting at [...]

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Mum’s the word

Welcome to Part 3 of Rach M’s engagement story.  It kicked off with Something’s Coming, and it’s had many of you hooked.  Even when we suspect we know the ending, the lessons Rach has learned are crucial in how to survive this kind of intense family pressure.  I, for one have never heard of or [...]

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Adventures of a Wedding Belle – Practice and Preparation prevents Piss Poor Performance…

I have many, many things to say about Bella’s 7-moths-and-counting piece. The first is that I am so very sorry it didn’t actually go up on the 8th-the 8th being yesterday. Yesterday wasn’t the 7th, like I thought it was. Duh.    Secondly, I KNOW that I said the very same thing last month, but [...]

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Before we kick off with this afternoon’s post…just to let you all know, The Big Blog Re-Launch is happening in just under a month!  We’ve listened to your feedback on the AOW Survey, we’ve talked about it, talked some more, worked hard behind the scenes (and continue to do so), made some decisions, come up with [...]

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