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In which I open a book for the first time in forever*

*18 months Team. I am sorry. I am embarrassed. What is AOW about, what is our core, if not BOOKS? We are readers; voracious, varied, passionate readers. We have double-stacked bookshelves, we’ve dropped books in the bath, we buy replacement copies of favourites when the weathered spine finally gives up, we sniff the pages of Harry Potter….so [...]

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#bookswap – the reviews

Thank you to Kate for her beautiful #bookswap reviews – I’ve read both books yet want to dive straight back into them. If you’ve been pondering writing your review/s, please do – we can’t wait to hear more about what everyone got and what you thought. I was lucky enough to receive 2 breath-taking books [...]

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Holiday reading

Books, glorious books! It’s what we do, really, here at AOW. Linsey has a review of her holiday reads for us today – I’ve only read one (Middlesex) but will be planning to fit the other three onto my ‘to read’ list… Having just returned from a week in Croatia spent mainly reading, eating and [...]

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#bookswappers anonymous

Amanda’s ‘I am tearing my hair out!’ Fee’s ‘buyer’s guilt’. Caroline google-stalking her recipient…. #bookswap anxiety has well and truly hit, folks. (I’m only enjoying you all flapping on twitter a *tiny* bit, promise. Actually, who am I kidding. I’ve given myself a ridiculous mountain to climb with my person – it’s going to take [...]

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Hashtag Bookswap

We’re reposting this today as your ‘last chance saloon’ to get involved with the wonder that is #bookswap…If you haven’t already put your name down, you have until Monday to do so, when the book elves we have working away on the magical spreadsheets will simply refuse to take any more additions. The wee divas. [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

A lot of you will have read the piece titled ‘You should date a girl who reads‘ (we featured it here aaaages ago) Well the other day, I found this….which I happen to think is even lovelier. It is challenging. It’s made me think. I’ve read it several times, and I’m still not sure whether [...]

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Review: Mr B’s Reading Spa

So, readers.  Autumn has well and truly drawn in.  You’re eating more apple crumble and you’re pulling on woolly tights.  I bet what you’re also doing more of is reading – curling up on the sofa, on grey and blustery Sunday afternoons.  Well, book nerds, this post is for you; a review by the lovely [...]

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In which Mahj joins The Dark Side*

*And I follow her, wearing dark glasses and a trench coat with the collar turned up in the vain hope that no one sees me. If you’ve ever stood on your soapbox declaring, ‘NAY! Books must have PAGES and be DOG-EARED and have INSCRIPTIONS!’ much like me, you absolutely must read Mahj’s superb books vs. [...]

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The books that made me me {Anita}

Readers, I realise that your bank accounts may not thank us for this, but we’re spoiling you – two book posts in the space of two weeks.  This post is a really great example of the books that made me me series, because I really feel like I’ve got to know Anita better, just by [...]

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Teen Fiction That Made Me Me And That Inspires My Pupils

Aaaaand…it’s book time again, readers!  Lee-Anne is a librarian (yep…this post was always going to be good) and has listed the books she recommends to her pupils, to inspire them to read.  Which we’re all in favour of, and will no  doubt be inspired in turn.  We have a legion of readers who love this genre, who I [...]

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