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Who’s That Girl?

Bella wrote this for us before she left to go and take over the world last week. (We miss you already Belmo!) She sent it over with a self-deprecating ‘hope this is ok you guys,’ and Clare and I promptly died a bit and pondered should we interrupt Anna on her Holiday of Wonder to [...]

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Girls will be boys will be girls will be….

It seems that International Women’s Day this year got us all pumped up.  We’ve had several submissions since IWD from you that show how important you feel raising awareness of the inequality that exists still is. In a world where asking for help in a toy shop will can elicit the response ‘are you looking [...]

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Fiona, who blogs at Life in Brief, has submitted a cracker of a post. Whilst it’s a fascinating story in it’s own right, it’s an intricate and detailed look at how we, as women, behave in regards to the female body in the abstract compared with the reality of our own bodies. Staying for a [...]

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Notes on a Pregnancy

When I sat down to write an ‘update’ post on my pregnancy, I had a vague idea of a few things I really wanted to share with you. Then I started typing and then I couldn’t stop typing and then I rewrote about 89 paragraphs to make them shorter and ohgod it’s still the longest [...]

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AOW A-Z Of Getting Married – M is for Myths

  The AOW A-Z of Getting Married is a resource for brides (and grooms) to be.  It’s a welcome piece of sanity in an industry-saturated world where people are bombarded with what weddings they should have, what they should act like, and how a bride should feel.  Created by the team behind Any Other Woman, this A-Z is the first [...]

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I have a few  soap box issues, it’s true.  Society’s asinine expectations about what women are supposed to look like is one of them (I have ranted about being naked and about body hair to name but a few).  So when this post by regular reader Katielase (who would be intimidating if she wasn’t so bloody [...]

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Drawing the bikini line

Before  sitting down to pen this post, I went through the Four Stages of Post Denial that I ALWAYS go through whenever I’m about to discuss a subject that, shock horror, has been talked about somewhere else on the Internet, previously.    “Oh no, it’s been done before, it’s been done better, readers will be [...]

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Project Fatty to Fitty

The issue of body image is something we’ve discussed on the blog before, whether it’s been a quest for perfection, the pressure of the dress, and even a call to get naked. We all have hang ups, however ridiculous they may seem to others, and it takes a lot of courage to share them with [...]

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Choosing Cosmetic Surgery

Good afternoon, readers!  Welcome to the second of today’s post on body image.  This is a post from Abbie which addresses a very different way to deal with a  problem.  It’s a brave way to deal with it, because whatever the reason for having it, any kind of cosmetic surgery invites judgement.  Sad, but true.  [...]

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Ups and downs and one year on

We’ve talked before, many times on Any Other Woman about body image, our expectations and self-acceptance.  This morning is the first of two, very different, posts about this issue.  Both readers have tackled their personal demons with two very different solutions.  Come back at 1pm for the second post. First up is Bex, she behind The Olive [...]

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