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Big girl pants

Oh, readers.  Do we have a belter of a post for you today.  From the one and only Katielase.  You’ll know her as the “cake-baking science nerd triathlete” (as I once described her).  I don’t know many women who won’t feel this post touch the most uncomfortable parts of their insides.  It’s brave, it’s honest, [...]

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The house that she built

Today’s post by Meredith is one of those where you’ll want to stand up and cheer after reading it. Whether you have your own post-partum body niggles, or a different set of worries about your appearance, I think you’ll relate to what Meredith is saying – we need  to recognise the huge achievements of our [...]

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You Are Good Enough

Anneka’s post today was inspired by International Women’s Day 2014 on the blog – that day where so many of you rallied and shared your advice for the next generation  of AOW readers.  Anneka’s message is easy to say, but much harderto believe: you are good enough.   Anneka shares her story here, a difficult [...]

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Katy has written us a post that on the surface, is about self-confidence.  But really, it’s about much more than that…it’s about accepting who you are, about letting someone else love you and what that can bring to your life, about letting yourself believe that you are more than you see in yourself.    Some [...]

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Why I shan’t be posting a #nomakeupselfie

Today’s post from Cecily is very relevant – this past week has seen the #nomakeupselfie explode on all forms of social media. I don’t have Facebook and I keep my Twitter fairly quiet, so I will admit that the craze passed me by initially. It was only when it crept over to Instagram and the media [...]

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In defence of crossfit…

I love posts like this, passionate posts that challenge assumptions and defend the things they love. Laura writes brilliantly about something that has inspired her and pushed her to challenge herself, I don’t think you can argue with that, even if the very idea of it makes you want to hide under your duvet cradling a [...]

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Dear 2013…

2013, you’ve been pretty bloody amazing, I have to say. If you were a person your hair would be shiny, you’d be wearing great shoes, you wouldn’t get splashed by vans driving through muddy puddle water OR get sunburn. Congratulations on your awesomeness.  2013, you gave me so much. A lot of it I had to work for, I’m not [...]

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The body wants what the body wants

Getting pregnant isn’t like getting an A For a long time. I didn’t want to write on the blog about my pregnancy.  There’s a sort of mystique attached to being pregnant, and I didn’t buy into it.  It always makes me unreasonably uncomfortable when people congratulate me on being pregnant; like it’s something I worked [...]

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Self-worth does not come from your jeans

You know how everyone has a topic of conversation that, if raised at dinner, will set their blood pressure skyrocketing, make their hackles rise, and will ensure that they manhandle the conversation for as long as feasibly possible before someone else wisely switches it?  I have a few.  My friends know to avoid them, unless [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Happy Saturday readers! This post is brought to you courtesy of Catherine, our US correspondent.  Dove did a social experiment in the US, called The Beauty Sketches.  Women were asked to describe themselves to a police sketch artist (who couldn’t see them), who then drew them based on their description.  The same women were then described by [...]

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