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The Breastfeeding Evangelists

Firstly, I want to apologise to any readers out there who literally couldn’t give two hoots (ha!) about breastfeeding.  I’m sorry.  Since having Ellie I’ve tried quite hard to write about a variety of things that aren’t all baby-related, and for the most part, I’ve succeeded. But breastfeeding?  It is a minefield.  It really is.  [...]

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In an ideal world…

We got married two weeks after I turned 23, 4 years ago tomorrow. We had romantic notions of my being pregnant at our wedding, either announcing the wonderful news to our nearest and dearest there that day or even having a big old bump in the photos to show our son or daughter when they [...]

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Notes from a homebirth

We have another birth story to share with you today, this time the birth of lovely Lydia. Emma and Matthew chose a homebirth and I think Emma’s account of the event itself and how they came to decide that a homebirth was for them is so beautiful. The calm and peace shines through and more [...]

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The tale of the hairy midwife

We have a birth story for you today, readers. A brilliantly written (obviously – it’s by Fee!), sweet, bloomin’ hilarious read with the loveliest, most deserved happy ending. Enjoy. It all began on a Friday. Cervical suture removed, induction started, induction continued all weekend, induction branded a colossal failure on Sunday afternoon. Alternatives are being [...]

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The end of one journey and the beginning of another

To be a parent is to essentially be responsible for a whole other life – you know it won’t be easy all the time but that’s ok, because you’re in control. Aren’t you? Despite that enormous responsibility, or perhaps in spite of it, there is very little you can actually control as a parent. The [...]

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On not being ‘normal’…

This is a beautiful and honest piece of writing from a wonderful reader who would prefer to stay anonymous today. She was worried about ‘upsetting’ people, but I can’t imagine that something as well thought through and from the heart as this post could upset anyone. It’s posts like this that make me proud to be a [...]

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The luxury of guilt

Last year, my future was divided up in my head, into “before baby” and “after baby”. “Before baby” was filled with Things To Do.  Get the builders in to do the bathroom.  Work out how the hell a breast pump works (not on the same day).   Assemble bouncy chair, waving a screwdriver victoriously aloft.   Make [...]

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The first six weeks of motherhood: a survival guide

I use the term “survival guide” loosely.  It’s not like I’ve been surviving a winter in Syria.  But lots of people have asked me for any hints and tips I have on coping with the first six weeks with a baby.  This is what helped me, and what I learned. Disclaimer – This is about [...]

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Today’s author is displaying a kind of bravery that I don’t think I, or many people I know, could. The post you are about to read is full of a sweet and secret hope, of worry and wondering and joy. Sadly, so sadly, the author miscarried a week or so after sending this to us. [...]

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I don’t want to say too much in this intro, there’s very little I could say that will add to the perfection that is this piece of writing about heartbreak, silence, grief and hope and love. Fee’s writing is never anything less than perfect, even when she is in the midst of unimaginable pain and [...]

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