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The diagnosis was certain

  There is a post we ran a long time ago that has become our most searched-for post, our most needed post, the post where women still write to us, asking why me?, and how, and this wasn’t supposed to happen, and thank you.   That post is On Miscarriage. Pavla wrote to us.  She lost her [...]

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There are no easy choices

Being a mother is like navigating an army assault course every day, for the rest of your life.  Except the obstacles aren’t the baby (okay, the obstacles are sometimes the baby).  The obstacles are other people, expectations, and self-inflicted guilt and punishment.  Linsey articulates perfectly how that feels.  How everyone’s assault course is different.  How [...]

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The next chapter

September is coming, and it’s a bittersweet time for parents across the world as they send the most important people in their life off to the big unknown, all wrapped up in freshly-washed school uniform.  Liz absolutely nails the guilt, the pride, the sadness and the hope.  Good luck, darling Tessa.  What an adventure awaits: [...]

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For Patrick

5 years ago, we were heartbroken - yet honoured – to share with you a post by our wonderful friend Fee. I would not dare try to paraphrase her beautiful, raw words; if you have not read it, I urge you to do so. I think I speak for many, if not all of us, when [...]

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The unexpected

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I’m sorry we’ve been gone so long.  We fell out of love with blogging, and raising tiny humans was all-encompassing, and and and… But I don’t think either of us ever fell out of love with writing.  And we know many of you miss the space that this [...]

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These Last Days

Happy Wednesday, all. I read this post and I am transported back to June and that sick feeling about swapping my maternity leave for work, when my baby was so small she couldn’t even sit up, and my guilt at abandoning her at nursery.    I don’t think it’s a decision that any mother makes [...]

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Happy Monday, readers. The love, the sadness, the frustration and pain, oh the love.  In this post, Marie writes so evocatively about it all.  We’reused to hearing about parents that didn’t stay together from the kids’ perspectve.  What about the mums (and dads)  who suffer with the consequences? Over to you, Marie:    I hate [...]

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The First Twelve Weeks. Ish.

Hello one and all, and welcome to a post from Mahj.  A post about the first trimester of pregnancy, the madness, the secrecy, the loneliness and the madness that comes with what is, in practical terms, weeing on a stick, and in biological terms is THE START OF HUMAN LIFE.  No matter how much I [...]

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a note to my darling daughter.

Well.  Isn’t this just packed to the brim of wisdom and truth and honesty.  This may be advice for Meredith’s beautiful baby girl but, let’s face it, it’s advice for us all, however old we are.   It’s beautiful.  Thank you Meredith:  as i look upon the canvas of you and me and your daddy [...]

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The house that she built

Today’s post by Meredith is one of those where you’ll want to stand up and cheer after reading it. Whether you have your own post-partum body niggles, or a different set of worries about your appearance, I think you’ll relate to what Meredith is saying – we need  to recognise the huge achievements of our [...]

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