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Dear AOW: Worrying Less and Trusting More

Dear Any Other Woman, I’m sure there are so many girls like me who are confused. I’m supposed to be independent and confident in my decisions and chosen life. I never thought I was a girl who would sit at a wedding and wish it was me. The fever has got to me, I have [...]

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Like exams and Christmas…just with more make-up and cherubs

This is Rach M’s wedding report. It is, as you would expect, fabulous, honest, and hilarious, all rolled into one brilliant wedding report. I’m not going to add any more than that because Rach has done such a good job herself, but I do just quickly want to say how much I love that AOW [...]

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Confessions of an Imperfect Bride

So many of you know and love Katie. She of Simplified Science and World’s Most Beautiful Smile fame. I loved Katie anyway, she’s pretty awesome. And then I read this. A wedding report with a whole paragraph on bum-clenching. A wedding report that says, ‘hey, it’s ok’. Everything is ok.’ A wedding report written with [...]

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The Meaning of Marriage

Four years in, I still find it hard to pin down the point of marriage.  At the time, it felt like the right thing to do, like something that I wanted, and so I said yes.  But, being honest, it’s hard to make clear, in day-to-day terms, what the difference is between being married and being [...]

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On planning a marriage.

What I find *most* brilliant about this post is that Laura wrote this just two weeks before her wedding (which, by the way, has already happened! Expect an AOP very soon). At a time when most people are having wedding nightmares, and panicking about the table plan, Laura wrote this  bloody brilliant piece questioning why [...]

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Take my advice…

Charlotte blogs over at Nothing Good Rhymes With Charlotte and is a very funny lady. Wise, too. Her thoughts on the barrage of advice that newly-engaged ladies receive are observant, witty and very self-aware. I don’t think there’s any danger of Charlotte being bogged down in the minutae of whether the window cleaners’ daughter’s teacher had [...]

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AOW A-Z Of Getting Married – M is for Mrs

The AOW A-Z of Getting Married is a resource for brides (and grooms) to be.  It’s a welcome piece of sanity in an industry-saturated world where people are bombarded with what weddings they should have, what they should act like, and how a bride should feel.  Created by the team behind Any Other Woman, this A-Z is the first collaboration [...]

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Fariytales and Unicorns: I still believe…

Marriage. We’re a blog that ostensibly is ABOUT marriage. We cover a lot of other things too now, but when you strip us down, we’re basically talking about marriage, weddings and relationships in 90% of our posts. So it’s interesting that there’s a growing number of women, of the same demographic as many of us, [...]

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The truth about ‘Having it all’

Today we are back with the wonderful Esme’s mum (or Julie if you prefer), who is giving us her take on being a working mother. It might be an uncomfortable post to read for some, and some of you may disagree, and believe that we CAN have it all. I have to say though, I [...]

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The Northern Lights

Allow me to explain what will happen as you read today’s post. The introductory paragraph will make your heart swell, your soul sing and your eyes water with joy; such is the romance and passion in Lara’s description of her surroundings. Then, if you’re anything like me, you’ll snort-laugh your tea through your nose and [...]

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