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Ask Anna and Ant

“Anna has been many things to many of you.  Friend.  Family.  Confidante.  Life coach” And everyone started laughing.  Nay…snorting.  This was the opening paragraph of my dad’s Father of the Bride speech.  He went on to nail it.  But he had a point. I like giving advice.  I always have.  I always will.  I don’t [...]

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Style SOS: AOW needs you

A few days ago we received an email from a reader that sent Anna and I into a bit of a panic. You see, it was style related, and the AOW resident style guru is most definitely Aisling. And Aisling is currently away sunning herself and wafting around in maxi dresses looking all elegant and glowing [...]

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Ask Us…The B Word.

Yup. BUDGETS. I know. Scary biscuits. If you were ever, or indeed are, a member of that well-known wedding forum, you’ll know how irrational and downright horrid people can be when the topic of money is raised. It’s a sensitive subject, yes. One that needs to be treated with respect, absolutely. But not something that [...]

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