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Any Other Photo {Linsey and Ross}

I love it when an ‘old-timer’ (as in member of the community – NOT actually old. Obvs.) sends in their AOP. It puts a face to a name or a twitter handle for so many and lordy knows, this is a gorgeous, grinning face. Thank you Linsey! We got married on 26th November 2011, a [...]

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Running a wedding dress boutique – testimonials

Happy New Year! I hope you’re all having the most fabulous 2014 already! I really am, the Boutique is busy with appointments, and the main way brides hear about me is from good old fashioned word of mouth which, to me, is the best way! I thought I’d keep this one short and sweet this [...]

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A sucker for a bit of christmas

It’s the last instalment of 2013 from the lovely Rach, who has spent the last six months giving us an insight into the start of a new business (as well as some rather lovely pictures of some very pretty dresses). Rachel thanks all of you guys in this post, but I would like to take [...]

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Like exams and Christmas…just with more make-up and cherubs

This is Rach M’s wedding report. It is, as you would expect, fabulous, honest, and hilarious, all rolled into one brilliant wedding report. I’m not going to add any more than that because Rach has done such a good job herself, but I do just quickly want to say how much I love that AOW [...]

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A business woman, or a woman in business?

We’re back today with another post from Rach (where does the time go?! I can’t believe it was a month ago that I posted her last post), and this time she’s discussing the subtle, but important to her, difference between being a business woman, and a woman in business. Perhaps it’s just syntax, or perhaps [...]

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Not a fairytale/Real is awesome

Katy’s post has bought back vivid memories for me – her description of walking up the aisle and feeling so present is, for me, spot on. No haze, no twinkly harp music in  my head, no blissful ignorance of the mild agony my feet were in…just a crystal clear sense of being THERE. Seeing people, [...]

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Every dress has a bride

Rachel is back this month with more gorgeous dresses, and more gorgeous writing about why she loves them. I think it’s pretty rare to find someone with such passion about what they do, and I love that Rachel is here sharing that with us. It seems like years ago now that I was choosing my [...]

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Amy and James ~ The Wedstival Part One

A midweek treat for you, dear readers. We know you love the nitty gritty, the details, the all-about-the-love-ness that our wedding reports exude. We know you love each other. And we know that you all love Amy, James, Bertie and their delectable Wedstival extravaganza…   Today is a Good Day.    I woke up at [...]

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Confessions of An Imperfect Bride ~ Part Three

It’s the final installment of the world’s most loo-oriented wedding report from our favourite Science Lady, Katie. If you haven’t already, catch up on the wonderful tale here. There are, of course, more toilet-based anecdotes in Part Three. It wouldn’t be Katie if there weren’t, no? But there is also sheer beauty, searing honesty and [...]

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Wisdom, work and wedding dresses

Readers, we have a new series starting today, and we think you’re going to enjoy it. The lovely Rachel is starting a business, and she’s taking us along on her journey. She writes brilliantly here about her inspiration for the business, and in her life, and I am already looking forward to hearing more about [...]

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