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Any Other Photo {Sarah and David}

This morning’s AOP s another ‘no groom’ one. Despite that, it’s not lacking in affection or love – the love in Sarah’s ‘not favourite’ photo shines so, so brightly; it’s a joy to behold. Also, I would like a Hannah. Plsthx. I need to begin by stressing this is not my favourite photograph from our [...]

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Any Other Photo {Anni and her girls}

A super stylish AOP for you on this chilly Friday morning, have you ever seen such a gorgeous bunch? But it’s not the to-die-for frockage or the beautiful hair that’s the focus here (though, seriously. Stunning, much?), it’s the love and the joy. and friendship. Wrinkled noses and all… I have spent hours, days, possibly even weeks [...]

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Any Other Photo {Lynsey and Callum}

There are many reasons why I think this AOP is a belter.  Lynsey’s writing for one thing – I’m a sucker for matter-of-fact-with-feelings and Lynsey nails it.  I love that despite it not being the photo one is supposed to choose, there’s been a long love affair between Lynsey and this shot for all the wrong [...]

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Any Other Photo {Rachel and James}

Well, readers.  I know you’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time.   And let me tell you, it’s worth the wait.   This is Rach M‘s AOP.  It involves spontaneous moments in the life of a planner, chairs, friends, laughter, Israeli music and love, love, so much love.  I was lucky enough [...]

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Any Other Photo {Katie and Ed}

“I think you can give her a kiss now” *melts* Ahem.  Morning, folks.  This AOP is all about that moment where everything stops overwhelming you and you realise what’s actually important.  We could all do with a bit of that, sometimes.   I also love Peter the priest’s smile.  So knowing, wise, and delighted for the [...]

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Any other photo {Mr and Mrs Valentine}

Today’s AOP is a an insanely happy one. ‘Stupid, huge grins’, ‘grinning like a loon’ and ‘radiating love’ all feature – I defy you to not be giddy with joy by the end of it. Thank you so much to Laura, over to her now – I really struggled to pick my AOP, but chose [...]

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ANY OTHER PHOTO ~ the husband edition {ALAN AND FRANCES}

Today’s AOP would win Most Adorable in the 2013 Any Other Photo Awards. (Which I totally think should be a thing, except I would undoubtedly come up with a category for every.single.picture and everyone would win.) Frances’ own AOP was the perfect example of quiet, thoughtful beauty captured with no pretence or agenda – just [...]

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Any Other Photo {Mr and Mrs Sharman}

Suze and her husband sound like the kind of couple that everyone will want to be friends with. Suze’s AOP doesn’t even show her actual wedding and yet I WISH I’d been there with my heart, so bloody brilliant does it sound. Readers, I have for you today an AOP full of love and laughter [...]

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Any Other Photo {Katy and Daniel}

This Any Other Photo makes me grin like a loon and also well up.  It’s amazing, how the stories behind a picture, one millisecond in time, can do that.  Katy describes perfectly the stories, and the feelings, behind each of the people she loves in this photograph.  There is laughter, there is love, there is [...]

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Any Other Photo ~ The Husband Edition {Gareth and Katie}

An AOP by a MAN. (We know you love those). An AOP by a MAN married to our very own Katielase. (We know you love her, too.) An AOP that’s actually an AOPs….Any Other Photos. Yes, it’s against the rules. Gareth’s a rebel, obviously. And yet we’ll let him away with it because OH THE [...]

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