Any Other Woman started life as Any Other Wedding, founded by the marvellous Clare.  It grew from the planning of a wedding, and became a place to escape the crazy, to get a sanity check, and to be reminded of the important things in life when hair accessories all got too much.  Clare’s wedding happened, and it happened well (her wedding report starts here).

And, this blog grew, Aisling and Anna joined, and AOW became a corner of the world where women, smart, flawed, real women, talked about the bigger picture.  About more than the wedding, about the marriage, about what created the marriage, about the love and the risk and the commitment.  About relationships, their challenges, and about life.

And Any Other Woman was born.

We believe in challenging our readers, in making them question what they believe, laughing about the absurd, working our way through together, and most important of all, we believe in listening.  Whether you want 2.4 children and a white picket fence, or even if you don’t believe in weddings but want the marriage…you all have a story, and we want to hear from you.

Our readers drive us.  They are a community of sane, wise and witty women sharing their experiences, their thoughts, their motivations, successes and failures.  When they get it wrong, and finally when they get it right.  They don’t judge, they listen. We know we are lucky.  We are very, very lucky, to get the chance to hear what you have to say, and we remain in awe of the wisdom and wit and the humanity of the AOW community.  You’ll never find us telling you how it is.  You will find us asking you how it could be.

That’s the premise of Any Other Woman.  Clare has left Team AOW now (but will forever be a part of the community), and Aisling and Anna (and the jury’s out on whether we’re witty, wise and certainly sane) could write at you all day every day…but what do you know, the world doesn’t just revolve around us, it’s a diverse and beautiful place, with people that dream and inspire and fight and love.  Any Other Woman celebrates that.

See our submissions page for details of how you can submit a post…but whatever your story, whatever your beliefs, believe us when we say we want to hear it.  And so will everyone else.

L-R Clare, Aisling, Anna.  Image taken by the person who should take your wedding photos: Lucy Stendall

You know the score. AOW isn’t just about us. You make this blog what it is -you, the readers. We could wax lyrical forever about the submissions you send in, your amazing and inspiring stories and your courage, and of course, your humour.

It turns out that you think we’re ok, too. Which is nice. In fact, it’s better than nice.  It keeps us going, knowing that you believe in what we’re doing and striving to achieve. It makes all the hard work completely worthwhile. Indulge us whilst we share some of the wonderful things you’ve said about us…

“AOW is great – you all do a fantastic job and I genuinely look forward to reading the posts. Obviously I came to it via Mahj but now I read it regularly.  I love that the posts are always so different and not afraid to be controversial at times – plus lots of them make me laugh!” Zan

“I just started writing what was in my head and went from there. Parts of it did bring tears to my eyes. Its weird how it all just flowed out…. Thank you for showing me an avenue by which to express myself.” Olivia

“It really is such a pleasure to log on every morning and be surprised by what you read. Its unpredictable and I love that about it. Plus the community just seems so intelligent and grounded. It really is one of my fave sites to check daily – along with all my celebrity gossip ones (I am a lost cause!) and Empire Online!” Mahj

“The responses to your abortion post show what sane, empowered readers you have.”Ginny

“Good luck with Any Other Party tonight – the site is full of wonder, magic, passion and delight – and may your night be too. So proud of all you’ve done on there it is so ace” Rachel

“Thanks again, for being ace. I feel positively fortified by your knowledge and experience.”Penny


Hello! We're Clare, Aisling and Anna and welcome to a corner of the world where smart, flawed, real women talk about the bigger picture; about their experiences, stories and opinions on all aspects of being a woman today, from marriage to feminism to pretty, too.

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