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Weekend Wonderings

Having just got back from a month in The Big Apple, it’s only appropriate that my first Weekend Wonderings is about just that…New York. Humans Of New York has fast become one of my favourite things to read.¬† Snapshots of people on the streets of New York, and a quote or short story about them, [...]

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In an ideal world…

We got married two weeks after I turned 23, 4 years ago tomorrow. We had romantic notions of my being pregnant at our wedding, either announcing the wonderful news to our nearest and dearest there that day or even having a big old bump in the photos to show our son or daughter when they [...]

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Notes from a homebirth

We have another birth story to share with you today, this time the birth of lovely Lydia. Emma and Matthew chose a homebirth and I think Emma’s account of the event itself and how they came to decide that a homebirth was for them is so beautiful. The calm and peace shines through and more [...]

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