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It’s time for lovely Rachel’s monthly column about running her beautiful bridal boutique – this month she’s talking about that magical, mystical thing…. No, not a unicorn. Work-life balance, a topic close to everyone’s hearts.

Over to you, Rachel.

I’m pretty sure, or at least I hope I’m not alone in thinking that, at some point in our lives, most of us will struggle with the whole work / life balance thing. I certainly have done and still do sometimes. Last week I had my first two day weekend of this year so far – and it felt amazing. But, to be totally honest, I didn’t switch off from work completely, and I did feel guilty on Monday. But, I’m going to try and do it again soon. I’m also going to try and book a little weekend in Cornwall…. and try to get over to Brussels to visit my niece and nephew who moved over there over a year and a half ago! These are big steps – but I can almost feel myself trying to really make this a reality.


Jon (the bf) is good at reminding me that I need to take time out and switch off more than I do. When he finishes work early he’ll walk to the boutique with the pooches and we’ll walk home via the seafront – that helps the feeling of ‘finishing work’ for the day…….. but it’s hard to say ‘no’ when a Bride phones for an appointment on a Sunday I was hoping to have off and visit the family. Instead I inevitably say ‘yes’ and I know this is something I have to really work on. I have, very occasionally, said ‘I’m sorry, I’m unavailable that day’ and I felt awful! But we immediately find another time for the bride to pop in to try on dresses and everything is fine.


I can see me getting there slowly – I now meet some of my friends for a breakfast date on a Friday morning then head into work. I try to get to my pilates class every Thursday evening. I also enjoy a trip to the cinema on a Tuesday (if I can get there in time).


I guess it’s because I care SO much, I LOVE what I do and I want it to be perfect for everyone. But I’ve got to remember that it’s got to be perfect for me too. My parents have worked tirelessly for 35 years farming – I’ve inherited that drive to succeed – but I can also see how hard it is for them to ‘let go’ for even just a day. I feel exactly the same, and I never want that to change even if that does mean I get tagged with the ‘workaholic’ title – I don’t mind, there are worse things to be called! And I am very lucky that my friends are very supportive and understanding that when opening a business you throw everything at it that you can give – but I have to remember our time is precious and maybe it is OK for me to take a weekend off and escape to the countryside with my fella every now and again.


Is this just me running my own business? Or does this affect everyone in different ways? Are the pressures external or do they actually come from within? I’d be really interested to hear what this wise and wonderful community think about the whole work / life balance thing, and whether you have tips to help with the juggling act?!

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  1. ChirstyMac
    Posted May 1, 2014 at 8:00 am | Permalink

    They say ‘Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ don’t they?
    Not suggesting the Boutique isn’t work – I can tell you work super hard! Not like that but that, it must be lovely to love what you do so much. I’ve been following the series and I do think it really shines out of your posts and, I’m sure, is felt by all your brides every step of the way. x

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