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Running a bridal boutique – balance

It’s time for lovely Rachel’s monthly column about running her beautiful bridal boutique – this month she’s talking about that magical, mystical thing…. No, not a unicorn. Work-life balance, a topic close to everyone’s hearts. Over to you, Rachel. I’m pretty sure, or at least I hope I’m not alone in thinking that, at some [...]

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On not being ‘normal’…

This is a beautiful and honest piece of writing from a wonderful reader who would prefer to stay anonymous today. She was worried about ‘upsetting’ people, but I can’t imagine that something as well thought through and from the heart as this post could upset anyone. It’s posts like this that make me proud to be a [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Many of you will have heard of the Everyday Sexism Project which collects instances of sexism experienced by women on a daily basis. Leah Green for The Guardian went undercover in London to turn the tables; to see how men would respond to sexist situations often experienced by women.  The results are remarkable. This video is [...]

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The luxury of guilt

Last year, my future was divided up in my head, into “before baby” and “after baby”. “Before baby” was filled with Things To Do.  Get the builders in to do the bathroom.  Work out how the hell a breast pump works (not on the same day).   Assemble bouncy chair, waving a screwdriver victoriously aloft.   Make [...]

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Katy has written us a post that on the surface, is about self-confidence.  But really, it’s about much more than that…it’s about accepting who you are, about letting someone else love you and what that can bring to your life, about letting yourself believe that you are more than you see in yourself.    Some [...]

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Being Kind

When I was giving birth to Ellie, my midwife was Jenny. Jenny was no-nonsense and very practical, and had steely eyes and gentle hands.  Faced with my very vocal conviction that I could, simply, not give birth anymore and I’d appreciate it if she’d cancel all proceedings (a polite way of saying I was hanging [...]

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My Story of A Miscarriage

Today, we have something different for you on AOW.  Kim has asked us to share her experience of miscarriage.   Kim’s story is a long one, much longer than the posts that we usually run on AOW.  We felt, however, that to cut too much of Kim’s post risked masking the story itself, the context [...]

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The Right To Be Who We Are

Gwen, who writes over at The Foodie Historian,  recently heard some astonishing stories from incredible women.  And we are lucky that she has decided to share some of the (anonymised) stories that she heard.  The right to be who we are should be a given.  For many in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, [...]

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