Running a wedding dress boutique – Bringing People Together

Rachel is back this month paying tribute to the women without whom her business wouldn’t be what it is today. In any business, picking the right team is critical – people who share your vision and your values.  (In fact, when I think about it, what works for your friends as well). And there are some beautiful, up-cycled pieces and family heirlooms to look at as well.  How very AOW.  Happy Wednesday, readers!  


As well as being lucky enough to be surrounded by gorgeous dresses in the Boutique, I’m also dazzled on a daily basis by some fabulous bling!

When I was in the early stages of putting together how to open this fabulous adventure, a mutual friend of ours said to me, “You need to meet my friend Claire, her accessories are beautiful”. So I sent Claire an email saying “Hello, this is my idea – shall we meet for a coffee and a chat?”, and a week or two later that’s exactly what we did! We met in a little coffee shop just around the corner from the Boutique and chatted constantly for over an hour. I rambled on about how important it is to me to support the local talent on our doorstep and the art and craft of having something completely handmade – knowing that every bride will have something completely unique. It was clear that through our laughter Claire shared the same morals as myself and that we would get on perfectly together. Claire’s forte is up-cycling old pieces of jewellery and giving them a new lease of life – this can range from old earrings to brooches or even creating a bird cage veil with little birds on! Recently Claire also added in a range of beautiful necklaces which are designed to fall down the back of a Bride’s spine – very Coco and very delicious! Claire uses real gold / silver chain and a mixture of fresh water and drop pearls. Perfect for a dress which is (in the words of JT) “bringing sexy back”!



Along with the eye catching bling in the Boutique we also have a lovely range made by Kate. Kate designs using more textures and fabric based materials. We both share a theatical background and a love for opera – and once again we have a mutual friend to thank for our meeting. We too met in a little coffee shop one afternoon and as Kate showed me her collection of handmade button holes, bouquets and button horse-shoes, I think the entire cafe could hear me “ohhhing” and “ahhhing” and I noticed quite a few people looking at the items dying to pick them up for a closer look. As you can see from some of the images, Kate uses vintage fabrics to create certain looks, again a fabulous way of up-cycling and giving something a new lease of life. It’s fabulous to see how many brides want to have something they can keep forever, a family heirloom which can be passed down the line for generations. Kate’s accessories are perfect for this exact reason. Maybe I’m a bit too sentimental about this – but I would LOVE to have had something from my Mamgu’s wedding day.




Not only are these women incredibly talented and I am in awe of both of them, every time I phone them up and ask for the most random request of a head piece or button hole colour – they always reply with Yes, and it swiftly gets made and delivered to the boutique. I am so pleased they they too share the vision of the Boutique and I can safely say that we have become very dear friends.

High five team! Here’s to the future!

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