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Some drivel. And an announcement…

Reasons that I love AOW: 1. Best readers ever. Full stop. I could elaborate, but I’m not sure that I need to. Somehow, we have had the great luck to bring together a collection of wise, eloquent, kind, smart women, who I am honoured to know, even if only virtually in most cases. 2. AOPs [...]

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The Shameful Secret of Crisis Pregnancy Centres

Sometimes a story breaks in the UK that doesn’t get a fraction of the coverage it deserves.  This, to me is one of those stories. Whatever your view on abortion, there is no doubt that the vast majority of women who seek them are vulnerable, in need of unbiased medical advice and, often, emotional support. [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

When you’re up at insane times in the night with a one-month-old, you have a lot of time to read.  My brain can’t handle a whole book yet (concentration is hijacked by thoughts such as “is she still breathing?“, “where is the nearest carbohydrate?” and “will I ever be able to finish a cup of [...]

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Any Other Photo {Linsey and Ross}

I love it when an ‘old-timer’ (as in member of the community – NOT actually old. Obvs.) sends in their AOP. It puts a face to a name or a twitter handle for so many and lordy knows, this is a gorgeous, grinning face. Thank you Linsey! We got married on 26th November 2011, a [...]

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Buried treasures

My cousin Mike is a year younger than me. He has a 1st class degree in History, a Masters in Journalism and a PHD in something to do with Al Jazeera…(I’m not being flippant, I literally can’t remember it’s title despite him telling me seventeen times. It’s long.) Me, suddenly covered in Stella-vom: Gah, Mike, [...]

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In defence of crossfit…

I love posts like this, passionate posts that challenge assumptions and defend the things they love. Laura writes brilliantly about something that has inspired her and pushed her to challenge herself, I don’t think you can argue with that, even if the very idea of it makes you want to hide under your duvet cradling a [...]

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Hashtag Bookswap

We’re reposting this today as your ‘last chance saloon’ to get involved with the wonder that is #bookswap…If you haven’t already put your name down, you have until Monday to do so, when the book elves we have working away on the magical spreadsheets will simply refuse to take any more additions. The wee divas. [...]

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I don’t want to say too much in this intro, there’s very little I could say that will add to the perfection that is this piece of writing about heartbreak, silence, grief and hope and love. Fee’s writing is never anything less than perfect, even when she is in the midst of unimaginable pain and [...]

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The cookie crumbs of self acceptance

There are many reasons I know I will be okay as a parent. The main one is how excellent my own parents are. Take for example, these recent WhatsApp conversations with my parents: Me: I just found a cookie crumb actually in my ear. I‘m concerned about what this says about my suitability as a [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

When I first heard of this project I was a bit sceptical, it seemed a bit self-involved, and perhaps a bit smug and show-offy. I will hold my hand up and admit… I was wrong. It is, in fact, supremely lovely. I’m sure some people do use it to show-off, but for me it’s not [...]

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