Any Other Photo {Fran and Dave}

I first saw one of Fran’s wedding photos on Instagram. Straight away, I wanted to see more and I’m so delighted to be able to share her GORGEOUS AOP with you this chilly Friday morning.

Love me a twinkly light…

Choosing my AOP has taken a while. I convinced myself it was because I couldn’t possibly chose one out of the catalogue of hundreds of photos that all tell the story of one of the best days ever – what would one on its own mean?
But really, it was as easy as saying ‘I do’; choosing our venue; imagining how we wanted our wedding day to be. Turns out I’m just a procrastinator.
This picture isn’t one of the lovely, grainy light-capturing black and white family shots that document the post-ceremony euphoria. It’s not the confetti chucking scene, where I’m grinning like a toothy loon – or one of the getting-ready snaps of me and my girls, which I’ll treasure forever.
This one is light and warmth; joy and love – and like my most favourite photos, I didn’t know it was being taken.
Of course, for a control freak like me, it is pleasing that the tin can lanterns that you see hanging outside the barn are in shot (having spent many hours with chilblain fingers, knocking holes in cans filled with frozen water). The warm orangey inside glow against the blue dusk takes me back to the crisp early January air – exactly the weather we wanted for the day.
What you can’t see in the photo is the adjoining barn, where nearly 100 of our guests are drinking, chatting and waiting for us to enter for our evening meal.
It was the only quiet five minutes of the day, standing around waiting, while the waiting staff cleared up around us and I’m so grateful that we have this little snapshot of us, just doing our thing (even managing to look uncharacteristically romantic) away from the registrars, the guests and the prompts for photos.
When I think about our wedding day and close my eyes, this is what I see. But more overwhelmingly it brings back what I felt: the colours; the warmth and the amazing novelty of having a A Husband to kiss at the end of it all.
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  1. Posted January 31, 2014 at 7:19 am | Permalink

    Actually said “awwww” out loud. This is gorgeous, twinkly perfection.


  2. Sharon
    Posted January 31, 2014 at 8:11 am | Permalink

    So so beautiful xxx

  3. Fee
    Posted January 31, 2014 at 8:18 am | Permalink

    Ooh, this made me feel all tearful! Lovely xxx

  4. Posted January 31, 2014 at 8:38 am | Permalink

    So so lovely.

  5. Liz
    Posted January 31, 2014 at 8:50 am | Permalink

    Beautiful!! I officially love this x

  6. Posted January 31, 2014 at 8:58 am | Permalink

    Gorgeous x

  7. Beth
    Posted January 31, 2014 at 9:19 am | Permalink

    This is lovely and the last sentence is absolute perfection x

  8. Zan
    Posted January 31, 2014 at 9:21 am | Permalink

    Awww – love these captured moments. They make the best pictures. Lovely AOP Fran x

  9. Posted January 31, 2014 at 9:36 am | Permalink

    Love this!

  10. Posted January 31, 2014 at 9:38 am | Permalink

    This is just gorgeous! Both the words and the picture, what a lovely moment to have captured xx

  11. Posted January 31, 2014 at 9:47 am | Permalink

    So lovely. I read this on my phone this morning and couldn’t really see you hiding in there so I’ve just come back and looked at the full size gorgeous picture!

  12. Caroline
    Posted January 31, 2014 at 9:53 am | Permalink

    Oh Fran, this is so lovely. Like Linsey I read it on my phone and had to wait till I got to the office to see it properly, but it was worth it. Delightful.
    In the 5 minutes me and my husband had together away from the guests and the noise I had a nervous cigarette and he downed a pint. Class all the way.

    • Fee
      Posted January 31, 2014 at 10:31 am | Permalink

      I fear I may have had a jäger bomb during ours…

      • Fran M
        Posted January 31, 2014 at 11:29 am | Permalink

        I forgot about the other short interludes… including Dave’s near-panic attack during the meal and me running to the loos after my mum chipped a caramel coated profiterole off the croquembouche and down my dress. But that was the best five minutes of time out :)

      • Posted January 31, 2014 at 12:27 pm | Permalink

        Haaaaa Fee!

      • Katielase
        Posted January 31, 2014 at 12:27 pm | Permalink

        I had a bellini and a panic attack. Not magical.

        KL x

    • Posted January 31, 2014 at 12:27 pm | Permalink

      Ha ha ha!

  13. Posted January 31, 2014 at 12:28 pm | Permalink

    Oh Fran I just love this. Love love love it. What an amazing picture and one to treasure.

  14. Posted January 31, 2014 at 12:47 pm | Permalink

    I had a can of Coke and frantically called all the taxi numbers I could remember trying to get a taxi for my Granny during our 5 minutes away from all the guests. And yes there is a photo, but surprisingly I didn’t pick it for our AOP :)
    Fran, yours is absolutely lovely!

  15. Fran M
    Posted January 31, 2014 at 3:43 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments. Thinking this might be one pic to finally get printed! Xx

  16. ChirstyMac
    Posted February 5, 2014 at 7:02 am | Permalink

    Late to the commenting but had to add: this one’s a cracker! Love love love the colours.
    And the love :) X

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