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There’s nothing better than a bloomin’ good love story at Christmas time. Sarah and David’s story is like a subplot from Love Actually or half of The Holiday (the two best festive romcoms ever, in my humble opinion), it’s sweet and sincere, has just the right amount of luck and ‘can they make it work’ and best of all, there’s just

It feels good to bring the blog year to a close (though we will be back on Friday with one last post) with a heartwarming love story…Happy Anniversary, Sarah and David.

I’d like to dedicate this post to my husband, David. He has no idea I’ve done this and I can just picture his face when he reads it. Looking back at it now, I guess it’s quite an ordinary story. I think everyday ordinary love stories can sometimes be the best ones though. 

18th December, 2003

 My brother Richard and cousin Mary are visiting me for the first time since I started Uni in September. They’re looking forward to a night out in the Student Union. I really can’t be bothered. I’ve just sat my first Uni exams and would much rather spend the night in my PJs in front of the TV. Also I haven’t really been out on a night out yet since my first “serious” boyfriend dumped me (ahem, by telephone, ladies) a couple of months earlier. Still, I don’t want to let my family down, so I dutifully put on a white sparkly top and black trousers and try and make my hair and make up look presentable. As we walk down the corridor of the halls of residence, a flatmate calls to me “Oooh, you’re going to pull tonight looking like that, I know it.” I smile at her while thinking “not likely!” (I’m pretty self conscious about my size, you see)  and we head out. There is this one guy who will just not leave my cousin alone. He has been following her around all night, buying her drinks and trying desperately to make conversation. Its kind of endearing in a way but mainly I feel a bit sorry for him as it seems to be clear to everyone else that she’s not interested. Somehow over the course of the night, his friends and Richard and I  have kind of congregated around a table while we all watch as he continues to try and charm her. I’m sitting down at the table, next to my brother. Suddenly, the boy who has been flirting with Mary all night looks right at me, looks at a friend of his and says “sit here” while shoving this stranger into the chair opposite me. Awkward. We both look away before quietly saying “err… Hi.”

Soon though, the conversation is flowing. I honestly can’t remember now what we talked about. What I can vividly recall is my drunken brother uttering the words; “Hey. That’s my sister. I’m in the Army. I have a gun. I will kill you if you harm her.” I’m mortified and try desperately to kick Richard under the table in a bid to get him to shut up without inadvertently kicking David. David. That’s his name. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and such a warm smile. I panic that he has heard my brother and is going to make a sharp exit but fortunately he hasn’t. We discover that although David is from the opposite end of the country from me (near Brighton, whereas I come from Fife), as it would happen he is spending Christmas in the next town to my parent’s. We swap numbers and agree to meet up again on Christmas eve, when he is going out in said local town with his sister and her boyfriend. “He’s quite handsome isn’t he?” I drunkenly ask Mary repeatedly before we fall asleep that night.

 24th December, 2003

 I spend the entire day vegging on a friend’s sofa. Telling her all about my first few months of Uni, of “the Break Up” and about the events of last week. Literally hours. I hear all of her news and by the time I drag myself off the sofa and back to my parent’s house, I realise I’m exhausted.  Isn’t it funny how tired doing nothing can make you feel sometimes? I open the front door and there stands Richard and Mary, all ready to go out on the town. This makes me even more tired. I can’t do it. I still have to have a shower and get ready and they’re literally walking out the door now. I tell them I’m not going and slump on the sofa instead. A couple of hours later, I remember I had said to David that we would meet up. I text to say I’m not coming and head to bed. A few hours later, Mary phones in a panic. Richard has been in a fight with a bouncer and they need someone to pick them up. I rub my eyes and put my coat on over my PJs while thinking “see, it’s a good thing I didn’t go, otherwise who would rescue them at 3am??”

 Meanwhile, David’s sister and their friends are teasing him. “I thought you said she was coming out tonight?” “She’s stood you up already?!” “Are you sure you weren’t just making her up?”

 31st December 2003

 I’m surprised to see a missed call on my mobile from a number I don’t recognise.

I phone it back but no one answers. An hour or so later I look at my phone and there’s another missed call. Again I call the landline number back and again no one answers and there is no answering machine. This is weird, I think.

 Just before midnight, I call back and David answers. I’m surprised to hear his voice. He tells me that he is at a party across the road with his flatmates but that he keeps coming back to their flat to try and phone me. I’m glad we finally catch each other and I smile as we wish each other a happy new year.

7th January 2004

 I’m so nervous. We’ve been texting and we have arranged that tonight is going to be our first proper date. I’ve not been on a date in a long time and this one feels like a grown up one (I am only 18 after all.) My other cousin Hannah (she is also a cousin of Mary’s – there’s a lot of us) is visiting from Australia. She sits in my room in the halls of residence and carefully straightens my hair and applies my make up. I’m so lucky to have her, I think as I head out into the night.  As I walk into the bar, I remind myself that I’m only going to have one or two drinks as I’m driving back down to my parent’s again the following day (it’s about a 45 minute drive, which is why it was so surprising that David was spending Christmas so nearby when his family come from so far away). However, one drink turns into another. And another. Before I know it, I am drunk. I’m laughing at everything. We talk for hours. I abandon my car in the University car park and David walks me back to my halls, even though it is out of the way for him. Now I’m so embarrassed. You’re not supposed to get so drunk on a first date are you? David was such a gentleman though.  I can’t stop smiling.

 18th June 2004

 David’s graduation day. Our parents meet for the first time at the celebratory meal. The past six months have been incredible. It all blurs into one but these are some of my most treasured memories of us so far:

 We spend days at a time holed up in his bedroom. We watch DVDs, listen to music, play computer games and talk.

 We go to the cinema. A lot. We both love it and love talking about the films afterwards.

 We eat out. A lot.

We eat takeaways. A lot.


 I remember walks around Dundee in the snow and in the rain. David always wrapping his big long coat around us both and holding it over my head to keep me dry.

 David succeeds in persuading me to try (and subsequently discover that I love) curry. My dad has been trying this for a very long time.

 On at least one occasion I do a “walk of shame” from David’s flat to my lecture hall (it’s a minute walk, tops).

 Sadly though, these good times, the happiest days of my life so far, are to come to an end. Before David met me, he had promised his friends from back home that he would move back when he graduated. He is torn because we are getting on so well but he feels he should keep his promise and as upsetting as it is I feel he should too – I know he is the kind of man who keeps his promises and I don’t want to stop him from seeing his friends. Two of them hire a van and drive all the way from Brighton to Dundee, help him pack all of his belongings and the three of them drive away.

 We constantly phone and text each other. We take it in turns roughly once a month to visit. I meet all of his friends and get on well with them. One memorable visit David surprises me in Dundee – he takes the Megabus from Brighton with a “Me to You” grey teddy bear that is the size of an average six year old. I can’t imagine the journey and I’m so touched by the gesture.

 1st January 2005

 David comes up to Dundee to celebrate our first anniversary. We go out for dinner, go to the cinema and then we drive across the Tay bridge. We park on the seafront and look back at the city. It looks beautiful under the stars with it’s twinkling lights.

9th November 2005

David has decided to move back to Dundee to live with me. We move into our own flat and David works from home for the company he worked for in Brighton while I continue to study. We’re so happy but at the same time I worry about David. All his friends from Uni have moved away and he doesn’t get the chance to meet new people as he works from home – so he only really sees my friends.

 22nd May 2006

 My 21st Birthday. I have a huge party in a hotel in Dundee and I’m touched when a lot of David’s friends from Brighton come to join us in celebrating. David tells me later that night that my mum told him a few months earlier that he should propose on my birthday – he doesn’t and tells me he wants to do it in his own time, not when my mum tells him too. My heart bursts with happiness.


To be continued…


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  1. Posted December 18, 2013 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    Ah, this is a lovely, heart-warming read Sarah, what a lovely Christmas gift to David. I’m currently signed off work with bronchitis (plus I’m 6 months pregnant) so I was feeling pretty miserable and sorry for myself. However, your tale has lifted my spirit and made me reflect on my own the story of far. Wonderful memories, thanks for sharing.x

  2. Marlene M
    Posted December 18, 2013 at 3:26 pm | Permalink

    Oh no don’t stop !! ….. I’m on my break from work and settled with a coffee, I need the ending ……..

  3. Sarah
    Posted December 18, 2013 at 5:43 pm | Permalink

    Thanks Andrea & Marlene. It’s all with the lovely AOW ladies don’t worry Marlene but it was far too long so they had to split it. Andrea I hope you feel better soon & congratulations on your pregnancy! Apparently David had “something in his eye” at work when I tweeted him the link to this ;) xxx

  4. ClaireH
    Posted December 18, 2013 at 6:16 pm | Permalink

    Awwwww I do like a good old ‘how we met and what happened next’ story. Thanks for sharing this and looking forward to the next part! Hope you both have a lovely Christmas :) x

  5. Posted December 18, 2013 at 10:03 pm | Permalink

    I love this – cannot wait to read part 2! This is so heart warming. :)

  6. Sarah
    Posted December 19, 2013 at 8:00 pm | Permalink

    Thanks Claire H – hope you have a lovely Christmas too!!

    Thanks Siobhan :)

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