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Weekend Wonderings

In the Battle of the Christmas Adverts, it’s John vs. Mark… I’m Team JL, no question. What do you think? And HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?! *goes to watch Love Actually and The Holiday on repeat until January*

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Any Other Photo {Katie and Ed}

“I think you can give her a kiss now” *melts* Ahem.  Morning, folks.  This AOP is all about that moment where everything stops overwhelming you and you realise what’s actually important.  We could all do with a bit of that, sometimes.   I also love Peter the priest’s smile.  So knowing, wise, and delighted for the [...]

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Clare Barker Wells Photography

This may seem like old news, to those of you who follow me on instagram, or facebook, but now seemed like as good a time as any to say that Clare Barker Wells Photography is now officially open for business! It feels pretty huge saying that, especially as only two years ago I’d never picked [...]

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Perfect timing.

Happy Monday, readers. And a happy Monday it is. This is a story that is going to set you up for the week. You will read it, and I guarantee that by the end of it you’ll be smiling. Carly’s story is a story of love, and how timing is everything, but also about how [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

A lot of you will have read the piece titled ‘You should date a girl who reads‘ (we featured it here aaaages ago) Well the other day, I found this….which I happen to think is even lovelier. It is challenging. It’s made me think. I’ve read it several times, and I’m still not sure whether [...]

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Any other photo {Mr and Mrs Valentine}

Today’s AOP is a an insanely happy one. ‘Stupid, huge grins’, ‘grinning like a loon’ and ‘radiating love’ all feature – I defy you to not be giddy with joy by the end of it. Thank you so much to Laura, over to her now – I really struggled to pick my AOP, but chose [...]

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