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Weekend Wonderings

It’s December tomorrow, folks. I’m officially Christmassing up. I’m making a Yule log for the first time this year. And by that, I mean Phil is making a Yule Log and I’m going to decorate it because I can’t be trusted to do complicated baking without turning the kitchen into an apocolyptic-icing-sugar-wasteland. I am good [...]

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Any Other Photo {Lynsey and Callum}

There are many reasons why I think this AOP is a belter.  Lynsey’s writing for one thing – I’m a sucker for matter-of-fact-with-feelings and Lynsey nails it.  I love that despite it not being the photo one is supposed to choose, there’s been a long love affair between Lynsey and this shot for all the wrong [...]

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A business woman, or a woman in business?

We’re back today with another post from Rach (where does the time go?! I can’t believe it was a month ago that I posted her last post), and this time she’s discussing the subtle, but important to her, difference between being a business woman, and a woman in business. Perhaps it’s just syntax, or perhaps [...]

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Not a fairytale/Real is awesome

Katy’s post has bought back vivid memories for me – her description of walking up the aisle and feeling so present is, for me, spot on. No haze, no twinkly harp music in  my head, no blissful ignorance of the mild agony my feet were in…just a crystal clear sense of being THERE. Seeing people, [...]

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Any Other Photo {Rachel and James}

Well, readers.  I know you’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time.   And let me tell you, it’s worth the wait.   This is Rach M‘s AOP.  It involves spontaneous moments in the life of a planner, chairs, friends, laughter, Israeli music and love, love, so much love.  I was lucky enough [...]

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“That is not a crisis. Typhoon Haiyan is a crisis”

Earlier this week  I found myself having a mild panic.  I had nothing to write about for my post today.  Usually I can eke something wafty out about my life, or about frolicking through the forest on a November morn, but my life has essentially consisted of lying on the sofa, trying to avoid climbing [...]

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Stay-at-home Dad

Rachel’s post is fascinating for a number of reasons.  Let me ask you a question.  How many of you know of a dad who has stayed home to raise a child?  I only know of dads who stay at home one day a week.  The system, as it is set up, doesn’t allow for much [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Every week, Mr K sends me links to articles that he thinks AOW readers would like.  Some of them I tweet, some I post on our Facebook page, some of them I save for an unidentified Weekend Wonderings in the future.  Some of them make me angry, some of them make me smile, some are just absurd.  [...]

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Jobs For The Girls: The Prison Psychologist

I bloody love the Jobs For The Girls series.  I love finding out what goes on in the day-to-day lives of women who have pursued career paths I never fathomed in my careers centre at school.  The lovely Katy passed me Julia’s contact details after a shameless dig on Twitter to find some readers with [...]

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This week, you are one.

A love letter from a mother to her not-so baby-anymore boy on his first birthday… Happy Birthday, Toby x This week you are one. A year ago on  13th November 2012, under the light of a new moon and in the darkness of an eclipse, you were pulled in to this world, changing it forever. [...]

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