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On Miscarriage

I should warn you all right now – this piece contains graphic descriptions of a miscarriage. We’ve decided to post this though, because if it gives helpful information to just one person who is going through what Laura went through, or even to friends of people going through a miscarriage, then it has been worthwhile.  [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

You might have already seen this. You probably have in fact. I am notoriously bad at seeing things that have gone viral and only tend to pick up on them after all the hype has passed. This popped up in my news feed last week:     I’d been seeing it pop up for a [...]

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Any Other Photo {Katy and Daniel}

This Any Other Photo makes me grin like a loon and also well up.  It’s amazing, how the stories behind a picture, one millisecond in time, can do that.  Katy describes perfectly the stories, and the feelings, behind each of the people she loves in this photograph.  There is laughter, there is love, there is [...]

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Review: Mr B’s Reading Spa

So, readers.  Autumn has well and truly drawn in.  You’re eating more apple crumble and you’re pulling on woolly tights.  I bet what you’re also doing more of is reading – curling up on the sofa, on grey and blustery Sunday afternoons.  Well, book nerds, this post is for you; a review by the lovely [...]

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Behind Closed Doors: Lonely

At Any Other Woman, you can talk about anything. Anything you want at all. Any subject, any time. We are proud to be able to provide that platform for you, it makes our hearts sing. But we do understand that sometimes there are topics that are too sensitive, too divisive, simply too hard to write about [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

I was doing the weekly Tesco shop (who am I kidding, I’m not that organised, it was the ”there’s-nothing-in-the-fridge emergency shop”), and wandering down the aisles, and I happened upon this post-it note, left upon some chocolate: Always a lover of a good quote, intrigued, I set about finding out exactly what @TheHopefulNotes is.  And readers?  If you’re [...]

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Any Other Photo ~ The Husband Edition {Gareth and Katie}

An AOP by a MAN. (We know you love those). An AOP by a MAN married to our very own Katielase. (We know you love her, too.) An AOP that’s actually an AOPs….Any Other Photos. Yes, it’s against the rules. Gareth’s a rebel, obviously. And yet we’ll let him away with it because OH THE [...]

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Wards 6 and 7

Rachel writes so beautifully. So thoughtfully and evocatively that even if you don’t have experience of what she’s talking about, you can almost feel what it would be like to be in her place. What I love most about this post from Rachel is the image of her brand new family leaving the hospital, ‘passing [...]

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