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Babymaking Science and Feminism: The Science Bit

Katielase (she of brilliant blog The Molecular Circus) wrote us a belter of a post this morning about the importance of understanding why your body does what it does, and that if women knew why it was harder to get pregnant the more they age, then they’d have the power to make better-informed decisions to do with [...]

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Babymaking Science and Feminism: The Ethics Bit

When I first read Katie’s post, I told her it was a) fascinating b) informative c) made me outraged and d) filled me with righteous indignation.  A month later, and it still makes me feel all of these things.  It makes me realise how little I understand the science about my own body, how that [...]

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The body wants what the body wants

Getting pregnant isn’t like getting an A For a long time. I didn’t want to write on the blog about my pregnancy.  There’s a sort of mystique attached to being pregnant, and I didn’t buy into it.  It always makes me unreasonably uncomfortable when people congratulate me on being pregnant; like it’s something I worked [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

This week’s Weekend Wonderings is short but sweet, inspired by the marvellous Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.  It exists to inspire people to practise kindness and pass it on to others. Here is a list of random acts of kindness that you could carry out today….you could  donate used books to a library,  you could [...]

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ANY OTHER PHOTO ~ the husband edition {ALAN AND FRANCES}

Today’s AOP would win Most Adorable in the 2013 Any Other Photo Awards. (Which I totally think should be a thing, except I would undoubtedly come up with a category for every.single.picture and everyone would win.) Frances’ own AOP was the perfect example of quiet, thoughtful beauty captured with no pretence or agenda – just [...]

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Things I need to tell you before I forget*

It might have taken 4 feeds, 2 hours of rocking and seventeen verses of ‘Sally the Camel’ to get you to sleep; but every evening at around 10pm, without fail, your Daddy says ‘I miss her. Can we wake her up?’ You love Katy Perry. You ‘roar’ along to her song, the predictably named ‘Roar’, [...]

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Every dress has a bride

Rachel is back this month with more gorgeous dresses, and more gorgeous writing about why she loves them. I think it’s pretty rare to find someone with such passion about what they do, and I love that Rachel is here sharing that with us. It seems like years ago now that I was choosing my [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Cake. Cake cake cake. This recipe for Grapefruit Sandwich Cake is by the lovely Beca from Great British Bake Off. I’m incredibly sad that she’s gone, I’ve spent this week very confused about where my loyalties now lie. I loved Ruby to start with yet now I want to bop her on the head with [...]

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Any Other Photo {Mr and Mrs Sharman}

Suze and her husband sound like the kind of couple that everyone will want to be friends with. Suze’s AOP doesn’t even show her actual wedding and yet I WISH I’d been there with my heart, so bloody brilliant does it sound. Readers, I have for you today an AOP full of love and laughter [...]

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What being a mother has taught me

Having a baby can do all sorts of things to you. It can quite literally (and almost certainly will, one way or another), change your life.  It will probably make you examine yourself and your choices and priorities, and the way you’re living your life, because now you are Setting An Example.  On top of that [...]

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