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Magic is everywhere, apparently

I remember when I’d first moved to London, and I rode the bus to work, the bus from Brixton to Holborn, squashed up on the top deck with all the other commuters, face pressed against the window, not wanting to miss a moment of my new city.  We’d snake our way down the Strand and [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Readers, I do not apologise for today’s post. If it makes you sad, or cry, or think.too.much, I apologise for that. But I cannot apologise for telling Jennie’s story here on the AOW pages, in fact, I should have done it sooner. Jennie is a marvel. A wonder. A beautiful person to whom the worst [...]

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Any Other Photo {Lauren and Mark}

This is one of those AOPs where the sheer happiness, the genuine delight in being married to your person, just shines off the page. I read what Lauren had to say, and I couldn’t help feeling happier and more content after reading it, because Lauren is clearly so happy and content herself, despite some of [...]

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Exciting times

We’re back with Rachel’s brilliant series on opening her own business. Last month she shared some of the lows of running a business, and talked about how tough it can be, so this month it’s great to feel the genuine excitement bursting through from Rachel’s writing when talking about launching a new part of her [...]

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How I Learned To Love Failing

This is an absolute belter of a post from Penny.  And one that is hard to read, and cuts to the truth, and calls out anyone with a shred of the “compulsive overachieving” gene.  Failing is hard.  It’s not something we are taught to relish, or encouraged to do, not ever.  We shy away from [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Because we are nothing if not generous, we love to share shops that we’ve found that we think you might like too. The latest one that I’ve come across is called Writer’s Gifts. I don’t think that I really need to say much more than that. I will though, show you a couple of my [...]

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Any Other Photo {Geoff and E}

This AOP follows on so beautifully from Carly’s Post Of Wonder on Wednesday, you’d think we meant for the scheduling to work out this way. But nay, no such forethought. Geoff’s love for E and his absolute, unquestionable belief in her excellence – even, and especially, when she doesn’t see it herself makes my heart [...]

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What is your excellence?

When I read this post it was like reading my own mind. I am (as Anna and Aisling will happily testify) the WORST person at accepting compliments. I just don’t know how to react, and generally get really uncomfortable and make some deflecting, self-deprecating comment. So to be asked to stand up and tell people [...]

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Home is where the ‘character features’ are?

Ladies and gentlemen – my 10 year old cousin, Dominique… What does the cheese say to itself in the mirror? Halloooooo Miiii! ………. Because HALLOUMI is a cheese. HALLOU and MI. D’you get it? Wait, I’ll get a pen and write it down for you. This kid is my hero. I always thought I loved her like [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

It’s Saturday, readers! And this is a Weekend Wonderings in two parts (completely unrelated, of course, that’s how we roll). Why do women choose to remain single? First up is a request to our readers who have chosen to remain single. We’ve been contacted by a journalist who is looking to interview long-term single women [...]

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