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Happy Friday, readers!  You’ll remember Emma and Daniel from the post they submitted last week, featuring a wheelchair-accessible VW campervan named after a shark, the best wedding business EVER, and the photo shoot requesting AOWers wearing their wedding dresses again (if you’re interested but haven’t let Emma and Daniel  know yet, leave us a comment below or send us an email and we’ll put you in touch!)   

This is an Any Other Photo  that reminds you not to sweat the small stuff, that makes you remember what’s important, and gives you a glimpse into the pure happiness that comes with letting go of worry and stress.  Oh, and there’s a kimono.  Yes, there is.  Form an orderly queue, readers.  

Photograph by the talented Mark Williamson. Over to you, Emma:  

Daniel and I had been together for 10 years when we got married in March 2010, but had only been engaged for 11 months, so I had crammed a whole lot of wedding planning into a fairly short amount of time.  Before we got engaged I never really thought that we would get married, as we were so happy just as we were.

Despite spending what seemed like every waking moment planning the wedding after we got engaged, it seemed like there was never enough time to do everything that needed to be done.  I think I broke just about all the rules, mainly by trying to do it all myself, which led to a mad dash to Tesco’s on the ACTUAL morning of the wedding to photocopy the orders of service (because I had planned to print them myself and ran out of ink last minute!) and my lovely family tying ribbons on them as we also tried to get ready!

I was also tired as I had just finished a stretch of night shifts at work (as a doctor) and to be honest I think I was in a bit of a daze for the wedding itself.  We also didn’t plan any time ‘just the two of us’ during the day like the magazines and websites always tell you to, and we just seemed swept along by everything that was happening around us.

It sounds like I didn’t enjoy our wedding, but I really did!

I think all those problems and stresses make me like this photo more.  It is a favourite of both of ours, and it is the one we put in a frame we were given as a wedding present.  I like it because I think we weren’t really aware of it being taken, as both our smiles seem to be genuinely happy smiles, rather than the ‘posed’ smiles on some of the more formal shots.  I don’t remember what we were talking about that made us smile so much, but I don’t think that matters.  I like that we both look relieved that it was all actually happening and that we were married! Relieved that the actual wedding in the Church had gone well, and that we were at the reception and everything seemed to be going ok!  I also like that you can see all of my kimono, as it isn’t something that I will probably wear in full again, as my Granny and Aunty who came over from Japan for our wedding had to literally tie me into it in the morning of the wedding (it has more layers than it looks!).

I think this photo reminds me that however stressful things can get and how much worrying I can do, things will work out for the best, and in the end we had a great day, we got to see family from all over the UK and Japan that we don’t see as often as we would like, and best of all we got married, which is still such a lovely feeling even now!

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  1. Posted August 23, 2013 at 8:42 am | Permalink

    Sorry that you got so stressed out, but this photo is gorgeous and I guess highlights why you didn’t need to be. You look so happy and that kimono is seriously beautiful. Want one.

  2. Posted August 23, 2013 at 9:53 am | Permalink

    Absolutely gorgeous!! That kimono is just amazing.

    Ach I totally forgot to come back and comment on that post – I’d love to be involved!! Not sure how logistically possible it will be… but can I be kept in the loop just in case? Not entirely convinced that my wedding dress will still fit but I’ll give it a bash!

  3. Posted August 23, 2013 at 11:02 am | Permalink

    Beautiful pic – and am really looking forward to the photoshoot and meeting you guys! x

  4. Posted August 23, 2013 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

    Oh that kimono is be-yoot-iful!

  5. Alison
    Posted August 23, 2013 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

    This is lovely, so nice when a photo can transport you back to a time and a feeling, You both look really happy and relaxed, not stressed at all. And that kimono is absolutely gorgeous!

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