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‘Always have cake’ and other top business tips.

I love how in each one of the posts in this series following Rachel and her business, I feel I get to know what makes Rachel tick a bit more. It’s also really inspiring to me to see someone following their dream, and growing a business out of nothing.  And you know what else I [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Alice sent me this brilliant TED talk, and said that it might be interesting for the AOW community. And I think she was right. I think it is so relevant to so many of us…nearly every single one of us is either in our twenties, or is just out of them. I watched it a [...]

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Any Other Photo {Zan and Noel}

Zan’s AOP has it all. Colour! Love! Happiness! All The Smiling Guests! Wedding knickers! It’s a celebration, a moment of sheer delight and contentment captured by beautiful chance. It’s going to make your heart sing, readers. And the line, ‘it felt like just us two in the world’? Kills me. Such bliss. I love this [...]

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Confessions of an Imperfect Bride ~ Part Two

Part One of Katie’s WONDERFUL wedding report can be found here. Though, it has to be said, this part is more than capable of standing on it’s own with it’s hilarious, charming, romantic and adorable moments. Read on, and be prepared to spend all day grinning like Katie in her post-wed amazement… The morning of [...]

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Summer, you can stay.

It’s been a while since I’ve written some Life Drivel.  It’s been a busy time, alternating between deliberately cutting down my hours at work, going on politics-themed trips, going to weddings full of love and light and laughter,  and lounging on my sofa, reading. So far, I’ve approved of summer.  Summer, you can stay. I [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Happy Saturday, readers. Today I’m bringing you one of  my favourite food blogs, Top With Cinnamon.  Written by Izy, who may be about half my age, and able to bake, invent, photograph AND WRITE, but we could still totally be friends.  Because we’re not at school anymore, (well ok, SHE IS) and as a result, [...]

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Any Other Photo {Bex and Bella}

Any Other Photo has been running for nearly two and a half years now (you can see the first ever AOP here) which means we’ve had over 125 amazing, brilliant, wonderful photos. But it also means that so many of you have now sent in your favourite picture from your wedding, that we are now running [...]

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The first year is definitely not the hardest

I am going to hand you straight over to Bex this morning. It’s not my place to waffle all over her wondrous, brave, honest, beautiful, raw and hopeful post. Happy Anniversary you incredible pair… Thank you to the AOW ladies for letting me write a post on my anniversary again!  Supposedly the first year of [...]

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Are you judging me?

Ok…are you prepared for a brain dump? This post is chaotic, and not remotely well written, but that sort of sums up my feelings on this at the moment – they are also chaotic, and not entirely clear. So…after that disclaimer, here goes: Emmi is eighteen months now. (I KNOW. When did this happen?). NB: [...]

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