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Weekend Wonderings

Happy Saturday readers! This post is brought to you courtesy of Catherine, our US correspondent.  Dove did a social experiment in the US, called The Beauty Sketches.  Women were asked to describe themselves to a police sketch artist (who couldn’t see them), who then drew them based on their description.  The same women were then described by [...]

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Any Other Photo {Amy and James}

I’ve already written a kind-of-introduction to Amy and James’ AOP… ‘Have you ever seen a mermaid in a field? Or a ballerina in a marquee wearing a flower crown? Have you seen a stunningly restored VW camper van festooned in ribbon parked next to it’s shiny, be-ribboned comrade, the Mark I Golf? Did you know that [...]

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Jobs for the Girls – HGV Mechanic

We have Lucy Stendall to thank for this amazing Jobs for the Girls post, as Kathleen sent this in after Lucy did a shout out on twitter. Kathleen’s story is one of my favourite ones yet. I love how Kathleen found this job, almost by accident, before realising that she actually loved it. I love [...]

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{Sponsored Post} Paper Themes

When Paper Themes approached us and asked about becoming a sponsor, we first visited their website, and then got excited, because a) they have beautiful beautiful stationery (and SO MANY OPTIONS), but also b) because they’re a UK based company who have a great green credentials. To find out more about them and what they [...]

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Behind Closed Doors: When They Do And You Don’t (Update)

***Readers, just to let you know that we’ll be running posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays only for a while…we’re currently a bit short on submissions.  We promise you’ll still be getting your dose of drivel from one of us every week!  We’ll pick daily posting back up as soon as we replenish the [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Oh.My.Stars, folks. Iam about to share with you the sandwich equivalent of the guy they’ve cast as Four in the Divergent movie. I KNOW. Anyway… back to this sandwich. It’s a BLT. Sort of. A pimp-my-BLT sandwich. Which, when I made it looked nowhere near as good as it does in the pictures on How Sweet [...]

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Any Other Photo {Amanda and Mark}

Happy Friday people – It is AOP day again! We have had some truly joyful AOPs lately, and this one is no different. You can’t help but look at it and smile a wide, happy grin, just like Amanda and Mark both are. It has ice cream, and family, and sunshine, and that for me [...]

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#Bookswap Book Reviews: Pure, The Night Circus and The God Of Small Things

Happy Thursday, readers!  Today we’re bringing you three more book reviews from our recent #bookswap, which sent books flying all around the world.  I hope these reviews, by Emily, Bex and Amanda, inspire you to get to your nearest library, or to buy them from our AOW Bookshop or from Local Bookshops UK…and to bury your head between the [...]

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Today is our day

I got married 3 years ago today. If I could change one thing, it would be our readings. Not because I didn’t love the ones we had, but because since reading this out loud to Stella at bedtime I wish that I’d thought to choose it… Take 5 minutes to read it out loud, I [...]

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Not So Lucky

There are some people, when something unspeakably sad happens to them, try to put it into perspective.  Caroline has done this, and admirably well.  The thing about perspective, though, is that it has no bearing on grief.  Grief will grip you in its own way, for as long as it wants to, and Caroline articulates [...]

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