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One of the things that I most love about AOW is the community of amazing women that have somehow found this little corner of the internet, and have stuck around. Bex of Olive Dragonfly fame is one of our longest and most loyal supporters, and she forms a core part of the community here. So, when she sent us an email suggesting this idea, to help build the community even more, we of course jumped at it…. I’ll let her explain though….

After AOW Hen Do, I was thinking about all the events we love to meet up for and how much I look forward to them, I can’t wait for the next one!  I’m also going to be planning another one with a twist – details coming soon!  I thought a good way to keep track of them all is to set up a shared calendar on google.  This could list all of the events, like AOW Hen Do and AOP along with all the AOW brides’ wedding dates.

Source: ferm-living.com via Bex on Pinterest

Not only that but we can add birthdays (you don’t have to include the year!) too.  We have all been loving the swaps that have taken off lately, first there was the Curiosity Project, then I decided to run my own Blog/Twitter Secret Santa, then there was Anna’s fabulous heart swap, swiftly followed by the amazing book swap and now recipe swap and #postcircle.  I thought why don’t we include birthdays so we can all know when AOW readers have birthdays coming up and can send them a tweet or a card  if you want (if you know their address – it wouldn’t be a secure place to add addresses in with birthdays since we’re giving access to people trusting they are who they say they are via email, but you could always contact the person to ask for their address if you really wanted to send something.  Sneaky Bella contacted Roz to get my address earlier this year to send me gorgeous tulips when I was having a terrible week – bless her!  It was a lovely surprise!)

I emailed the lovely AOW team to see what they thought of the idea (and make sure I wasn’t stepping on any super-organised spreadsheeter’s toes, *cough* Anna *cough*).  Luckily they didn’t think I was trying to weasel in on any plans and have said go with it.  So it’s done, I’ve filled in a couple of dates I already know but we need your help to fill it up!

Any of you can gain access to see the calendar by emailing me at OliveDragonflyBex@gmail.com with ‘Calendar’ the subject line and you can add your own weddings/birthdays/anniversaries/due dates (pretty sure there will be loads of these coming up) if you want to.Since I can’t send in a post without pictures but don’t have any which really work here, I’ve included some quotes instead :)



Thanks so much for this Bex – I can’t wait to see everyone posting their significant dates on there. And (and this is absolutely key, so listen up lurkers), we want everyone to feel involved. Don’t feel that because you don’t comment much, you’re not welcome. We want this to be a way of EVERYONE getting involved in the community. So go, all of you, email Bex now.  

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  1. Posted April 21, 2013 at 12:13 pm | Permalink

    Everyone seems to be loving the idea (despite the lack of comments, I’ve been receiving very positive emails) and we now have 19 people all sharing the calendar and starting to add in their own significant dates!

    I have also set up a related google document to share email addresses and any contact details you wish (Twitter, blogs etc.) I believe Clare is planning on setting up a proper community page for just this type of information but this will do in the meantime and make it easier for her to set up the fancy page when she does. When you email me to ask to be added to the calendar, I will share this document with you also. It is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL to share any information on it and how much you share but it enables us to get in touch with each other more easily.

    So glad you all like the idea :)

  2. Rach M
    Posted April 22, 2013 at 1:14 pm | Permalink

    Great idea! Xxx

  3. Posted April 24, 2013 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    This is an excellent idea, Bex :) Thank you!

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