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Racing for life, with love.

It’s a short and sweet post today, oh-so-special AOWers. It’s a call to arms, to trainers, to pink and to charity. It’s a scary post to put out there for us, but the response I got when I mooted the idea on good ol’ Twitter was so overwhelmingly positive that it seemed silly not to [...]

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On holiday

I wrote about our recent holiday, and you were bloody lovely about my writing.  It made my week. I’m not one of those bloggers that wangs on about the architecture in the foyer of the cutting-edge hotel they stayed at, on holiday.  That’s not my forte, plus, I’m the sort of person who gets more [...]

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#bookswap book review: Welcome to the World, Baby Girl

When we ran the #Bookswap (for everyone who has asked, we WILL be running another one at some point, just let us recover from the spreadsheet sweats first), we asked everyone who took part if they’d be keen to write a review, and the wonderful Claire is the first person to send hers in. If [...]

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The Cult That Made Me Me

When I think about the concept of a cult, I often think of fear.  Of control. Of oppression.  Of media stories of escapees and crazy leaders and duplicity.   Siobhán was a member of a cult.  Her experience was nothing like that. Her story is extraordinary and annihilates my preconceptions.  I hope it does yours, [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Three words for you. Pecan Pie Cake I KNOW. I’ve just this minute taken mine out of the oven and it smells DIVINE and looks fairly impressive too, for me. I’m being good and letting it cool because apparently that’s where I slip up in my baking adventures, according to my Michelin-starred husband. I get too [...]

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Any Other Photo {Meredith and Michael}

You may remember Meredith and Michael’s first AOP, published back in November.  I know it’s breaking the rules, having two Any Other Photos, but when you read this, you’ll realise why we’ve done it.  Back in November, when visa issues were hanging over their heads, Meredith wrote us a story about how they had the wedding [...]

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Building a Community

Zan’s post is, on the surface, about how to build a community today.  Not in the way it used to be, by building your community with those who live around you, but in the way we do now, through social media and the internet, through emails and tweets and status updates.  This post asks deeper questions too, about what [...]

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Who’s That Girl?

Bella wrote this for us before she left to go and take over the world last week. (We miss you already Belmo!) She sent it over with a self-deprecating ‘hope this is ok you guys,’ and Clare and I promptly died a bit and pondered should we interrupt Anna on her Holiday of Wonder to [...]

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The Friend That Made Me Me – Chirsty

Sometimes we recieve posts that are so beautifully written, and deal with subjects that are painful in such an inspiring way, that I am grateful that AOW exists and these posts can be shared.  Because they deserve to be.  Especially this post.  This is about friendships that were once everything, then drift, but where the [...]

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Headdress and Holiday: Sponsored Giveaway!

Brides! Brides! Free things! Well, actually technically you don’t have to be a bride – if you enjoy wearing exceedingly pretty headdresses to the supermarket, or going on all expenses paid luxury holidays then this will be right up your street too. Rainbow Shoes (yes, the very Rainbow who we interviewed here) contacted us and [...]

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