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#Bookswap Book Reviews: Night Waking, Of Bees and Mist, and Harold Fry

Happy Tuesday, readers!  Today we’re bringing you three book reviews from our recent #bookswap, which sent books flying all around the world.  I hope these reviews, by Rachel, Linsey and yours truly, inspire you to get to your nearest library, or to buy them from our AOW Bookshop or from Local Bookshops UK…and to bury your head [...]

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Maggie, Paris, and Looking at the Past

When Thatcher died, the nation reacted.  To some it was an atrocious reaction.  To others, it was justified.  There were brilliantly-written articles about the nature of poverty, about feminism, about politics, about power, about how Britian has changed.  But I’ve not seen any article like Gemma’s.  We were eating brunch, and she told me about how she [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

My two favourite things (bar Andy and Emmi, and mini-eggs, obviously), are books and photography. Which explains why I love The Underground New York Public Library. It’s a simple concept – the person who runs the blog is capturing candid images of people reading on the underground in New York. I guess you could say [...]

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Any Other Photo – The Husband Edition {Phil and Aisling}

We’ve talked repeatedly about getting the menfolk to submit their AOP’s – today is the Day of Philip. I could no more get him to write an actual AOP than the man on the moon, so here is how it happened… Me: What’s your favourite wedding picture and why? Him: This one – Him: (suspiciously) [...]

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On my first reading of Merida’s post, the romantic in me collapsed in on itself with joy.  On my second, the logical half of my brain started screeching about how everything is just coincidence.  But whatever you believe, even if it’s something in between, you can’t deny that a couple like Merida and Tom deserved to find each other. Looks [...]

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Behind Closed Doors: The NHS

At Any Other Woman, you can talk about anything. Anything you want at all. Any subject, any time. We are proud to be able to provide that platform for you, it makes our hearts sing. But we do understand that sometimes there are topics that are too sensitive, too divisive, simply too hard to write about [...]

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The Game, and Peanut Butter Propositions

Dominique (Aisling’s 10-year-old cousin): “It’s my turn, it’s my turn” Aisling: “Again?  Really?” [dies inside at thought of playing The Game in the car ALL THE WAY HOME]    Dominique: “Yes!” Me: “Just one more game then.”  [Softy].  “Okay.  Have you thought of something?” Dominique: “Yes.  Remember, it can be Anything In The Whole World” Me: [...]

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On planning a marriage.

What I find *most* brilliant about this post is that Laura wrote this just two weeks before her wedding (which, by the way, has already happened! Expect an AOP very soon). At a time when most people are having wedding nightmares, and panicking about the table plan, Laura wrote this  bloody brilliant piece questioning why [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

One of the things that I most love about AOW is the community of amazing women that have somehow found this little corner of the internet, and have stuck around. Bex of Olive Dragonfly fame is one of our longest and most loyal supporters, and she forms a core part of the community here. So, when [...]

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Any Other Photo {Valerie and David}

This Any Other Photo is different.  They all are, I know, but this one takes what is often an unspoken subject and faces it head on; the fact that the groom is no longer primarily a son, but is now primarily a husband. I love the expressions captured here, sadness, happiness, excitement.  I love how [...]

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